Spoilers ahead!

The 2019 live-action remake of Aladdin is among the most recent live adaptations of the cartoon classics. We’ve had Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Maleficent, The Jungle Book and now, Aladdin!

This version of Aladdin took some serious risks, introducing more context on the characters as well as an alteration regarding the plot. Therefore, here we are to explore the 20 changes between the animated cartoon version versus the 2019 live-action remake of Aladdin!

1. The Changes In "Arabian Nights" Lyric

"Arabian Nights" lyrics gets several changes in its history.

This wasn’t the first time "Arabian Nights" got its lyric changed. The 2019 version completely changed the original lyrics. Will Smith celebrates Agrabah's cultural diversity by singing: "Where you wander among every culture and tongue/It's chaotic, but hey, it's home!"

Meanwhile, the original one went "Where they cut off your ear if they don't like your face / It's barbaric, but hey, it's home!” Later in 1993, the first sentence of that became "Where it's flat and immense and the heat is intense.”

2. Zero Magical Scarab

Jafar's original magic scarabs.

In the cartoon version, Jafar somehow summoned the Cave of Wonders by using the golden scarabs. It then appeared as a huge, magical tiger head.

In the remake movie, we don’t have either the golden scarabs or the entire horseback chase. The magical tiger head appears as rock formation, instead of a sand formation. Also, it’s very reachable by any Agrabah citizens, as long as they know the way to it.

3. Stealing Penalty

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The marketplace, where the main protagonists met each other.

In the cartoon version film, shopkeepers in the market threatened Jasmine to cut off her hand for stealing. In the live-action movie, it is clearly not that violent. The shopkeeper looks angry, but immediately appeased after being offered Jasmine's bracelet by Aladdin.

4. "Jasmine In The Marketplace"

Aladdin is offering the shopkeeper in the marketplace a bracelet.

From the original version, we heard Aladdin singing "One Jump Ahead" while running away after stealing the bread. Meanwhile, in the remake, they play the song when Jasmine and Aladdin are escaping from the market’ angry shopkeeper.

In the cartoon, we knew Jasmine was a princess since we saw her sneaking out the palace. However, in the live-action, we first meet Jasmine in the market, not knowing that she turns out to be the princess.

5. Jasmine's Mother

Jasmine cannot go anywhere outside the palace walls after her mother's death.

The 2019 version of Aladdin show why Jasmine has never gone out of the palace walls. After the death of her mother, her father becomes very protective and forbid her to go anywhere for safety reason.

6. Dalia, The Handmaiden

This is Dalia, the handmaiden, the sidekick of Jasmine.

Dalia appears for the first time in Aladdin as a handmaiden – a sidekick of Jasmine. She falls in love after seeing the Genie’ human disguise. Dalia offers some more characterization and dialogue to Jasmine, rather than engaging in conversations with Rajah.

7. Sneaking In The Palace

In both versions, Aladdin got eventually captured after sneaking in the palace.

The live-action movie features a scene when Aladdin breaks in Sultan’s palace and court Jasmine. Because of that, he later got captured by the guards in the palace. This didn’t happen in the original version, where he pretended to be Prince Ali, captured and thrown into prison.

8. A Cleverer Sultan

The smart Sultan in the live-action movie.

They completely remade Sultan in the live-action movie. He is much wiser than the childlike cartoon version. He cares about ruling the kingdom much more than caring about his toys. In fact, the admonitions of the remake Sultan make Jafar angry and bitter.

9. The Cave of Wonders

The Cave of Wonders, from the live-action movie.

In the live-action movie, Aladdin enters the cave and sees some piles of jewels here and there, alongside some decorative gold and coins. The original one did better in the wow aspect, showing glowing endless treasures in the Cave of Wonders. Also in that version, Aladdin had to take a very long staircase to get his hands on the lamp. Meanwhile, the Genie's lamp in the latest version sits on top of a huge pillar which requires Aladdin to scale.

10. Jafar Lies To Aladdin

Jafar leveling with Aladdin, saying he was original a thief from the streets.

From the original movie, we knew that Jafar disguised as a prisoner trying to convince Aladdin to explore the Cave of Wonders. However, in the live-action one, Jafar gets things straight from the get go, directly asking him to explore the cave.

11. First Wishing Rule

Will Smith in the form of the almighty Genie.

Originally, the Genie told Aladdin 3 rules on wishing: he cannot kill anyone, he cannot make somebody love some another and he cannot bring back the dead. However, coming into the live-action version, his first rule restricts Aladdin to have more than 3 wishes.

12. The Song "Speechless"

Jasmine sings the song "Speechless".

This is a brand-new song that first appears in the live-action film. Jasmine is the one to sing this, showing the objection to her current princess norms. Continue watching the movie and you’ll find the full version of it somewhere in the middle.

13. The Awkward Courtship Scenes

Appearing as a prince, but Aladdin doesn't act like one.

The live-action movie features two new scenes that didn’t appear in the original movie. They are the two awkward courtship scenes, added to show how clumsy Aladdin is as a prince. The first one happens in the royal court, while the other happens when the couple is dancing.

In the animated version, Aladdin fitted well as a prince. Jafar was the only one to suspect his identity.

14. The Magic Carpet Ride

Aladdin takes Jasmine on a trip around Agrabah.

In the 2019 version, Aladdin only takes Jasmine on a trip around Agrabah. Meanwhile, in the original version, Aladdin took her on a world tour, visiting the Sphinx, the Egyptian pyramids, The Chinese Forbidden City and much more.

15. Jafar - The Former Thief

Jafar, the former thief from the streets.

The live-action Aladdin movie features Jafar revealing himself as a thief in the past. This makes sense as later in the movie, Jafar steals the Genie lamp from Aladdin after deliberately bumping into him. In the original movie, Iago stole the Genie lamp in the palace where Aladdin was living.

16. Hakim - The Head Guard

Picture of Hakim the Head Guard (left-most).

Hakim has a completely unique role in the live-action remake. In fact, he has a little backstory, proving himself to be honorable. Later on, he makes a crucial decision, following what’s right rather than the blind law.

17. A Giant Monster Parrot

The giant parrot is chasing Aladdin and Abu.

It was originally a giant cobra that Jafar took the form of. In the 2019 version, he uses magic and turns Iago to a huge bird that attacks Abu and Aladdin, preventing them from retrieving the Genie's lamp.

18. “In On The Plan”

The Genie knows what Aladdin plans to do in the live-action remake.

The original Genie had no idea about Aladdin's plan to beat Jafar. Jafar got sucked into the Genie’s lamp, becoming his own prisoner. Meanwhile, in the 2019 move, the Genie knows exactly what Aladdin is planning. He later exploits a non-specificity from Jafar’s wish and turns Jafar into a new genie.

19. Jasmine - The Sultan

Jasmine is the next Sultan of Agrabah.

In the animated version, Sultan ended the movie, declaring a change in the law of marriage. This allowed Aladdin and Jasmine’ wedding to happen and the lived happily ever after.

Meanwhile, in the live-action version, the Sultan chooses Jasmine to be the next Sultan, letting her take over the law. It shows Jasmine’s overall readiness to rule the kingdom of Agrabah.

20. The Storytelling Sailor

The storytelling sailor turns out to be the Genie.

Generally, it’s a twist to reveal the real identity of the sailor telling this story of Aladdin. He turns out to be the Genie after receiving his freedom from the lamp. He is now with Dalia, Jasmine’s sidekick as a handmaiden. Also, the two are living on a lamp-like boat, exploring the world.

In the animated version, the Genie still kept his power, but could totally use it at his will. They didn’t state the connection between the Genie and the merchant, but we could see the implication. In addition, Robin Williams was to voice the two characters.