On September 02, Dr. Theresa Tam - a chief medical officer in Canada - suggests that we shouldn’t give a kiss and should wear a mask while having sex amid the COVID-19 pandemic. She also further said that people should go solo to protect their health during this period.

Doctor Canada
Dr. Theresa Tam now serves as the 3rd chief public health officer of Canada.

According to the 1965-born Canadian physician, it’s hard to catch the COVID-19 via vaginal or semen fluid; however, people can get infected more easily with the fatal virus when they have sexual activities including kisses or other close contacts with partners.

Have Sex Covid 19
People should be more careful when having sex during the pandemic.

Dr. Theresa Tam advised us to apply some things to reduce the risk of catching and transmitting the virus to others. These activities may include no kiss, no face-to-face communication, and especially wearing a mask to prevent the virus from contacting your nose and mouth. Additionally, it is necessary to keep track of your partner’s and your health before having sex.

Love COVID-19
Kisses may make us be at higher risk from the Coronavirus.

The doctor also emphasized as below: “The lowest risk sexual activity during COVID-19 involves yourself alone.”

It can be undeniable that sexual health plays an important role in our overall health. She added that Canadians could learn to take precautions while continuing to enjoy their physical intimacy.

Until September 01, there have reportedly been 129,425 COVID-19 cases and up to 9,132 deaths in Canada. Accordingly, about 88.5% of the infected cases have gradually recovered. Although the number of new cases per day in this country is lower than peak volumes, it has increased slightly in recent days due to new cases from some Western provinces.

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