Does cow urine kill coronavirus? It’s one of the most-asked questions recently when a group of Indian people is practicing this method to fight coronavirus. However, will cow urine kill coronavirus? Here is the experts’ answer. Check it out here with

A Hindu Group Consumes Cow Urine And Cow Dung To Fight Coronavirus

Since the outbreak of coronavirus later last year, this pandemic has caused over 19.9 lakh cases and more than 7900 deaths across the world. Especially, the number of new confirmed cases and deaths is rising quickly in many countries. Noticing the uncontrollable and unpredictable development of this pandemic, some countries have carried out travel restrictions and strict home-quarantine and closed their border.

In India, there are 148 cases and at least two death reported across the country. Scared of this deadly virus, a group of Hindu activists in this South Asia country hosted a cow urine-drinking party. They believe that this ‘miracle liquid’ can protect them from coronavirus. But does cow urine kill coronavirus? Is this belief true or not?

Currently, there is no scientific evidence showing the effect of consuming cow urine in preventing or treating coronavirus. However, many Hindus still believe that the cow is a sacred animal. Then, they consider cow dung and cow urine are the best cure to keep them safe from coronavirus. Those people drink cow urine and hope that it will help them stay away from Covid-19.  

Does Cow Urine Kill Coronavirus
They believe that this 'miracle liquid' will help them stay away from Covid-19.  

An attendee from that cow urine-drinking party also said he had drunk this ‘miracle liquid’ for 21 years. He even takes a bath in cow dung believing that these methods are more effective than medicine. They unquestioningly trust these methods a miracle cure that will stave off coronavirus.

A Hindu activist said to the interviewers that cow urine can kill all forms of bacteria that are harmful to them, including coronavirus. They have been using this liquid as a home disinfectant. He added that cow urine, to them, could cleanse their soul and bodies. These activists are pretty sure about the medicinal effect of this practice. Will cow urine kill coronavirus? Check out the experts’ answers below.

Does Cow Urine Kill Coronavirus India
Some Hindus have drunk this ‘miracle liquid’ for years

Does Cow Urine Kill Coronavirus?

The World Health Organization said: No. The novel coronavirus is a virus, not a bacterium as the strong belief of those Hindu activists. Experts also claimed that there was no evidence proving that cow urine can prevent coronavirus infection.

According to the latest reports of governments and authorities, there is no certain vaccine for coronavirus. Moreover, traditional medicines and therapies like consuming cow urine, dung, or taking a bath in cow dung can cure Covid-19.

Will Drinking Cow Urine Kill Coronavirus
They also gather, hold a party, and drink cow urine to prevent Covid-19

Experts said cow urine and cow dung were just waste materials. There is no evidence or validation proving the effectiveness of these materials in preventing coronavirus. Therefore it’s ‘No’ to the question ‘does cow urine kill coronavirus’.

Which Is The Right Cure For Coronavirus?

Instead of consuming cow urine which is not proved to be a coronavirus prevention measure, you’d better follow governments’ instructions. It’s better to do the necessary hygiene measures and take precautions instead of trying non-evidence methods.

Firstly, wash your hand regularly and slowly enough with soap and clean water to remove germs and viruses. Then, you need to bring hand sanitizers with you to disinfect your hands every 20 seconds. Hand sanitizers should contain 60% of alcohol.

Coronavirus Prevention
Right Coronavirus Prevention Methods By CDC

Next, you need to clean all the items, devices, and surfaces in your house. Since coronavirus can live for hours to days in the air and on surfaces, you need to clean your house with disinfectants. You can make the disinfectants from white vinegar, alcohol, or use the steam cleaning method to cleanse your house. Cow urine is not a recommended disinfectant.

Then, do not touch your faces because the virus can enter your bodies through mouth, nose, and eyes. Moreover, the virus can spread among people through the droplets when someone cough or sneeze. So, wear a mask or cover your mouth with tissues when you cough and throw the tissues away. To prevent the spread of coronavirus, you should stay home and not go out unless necessary. Self-quarantine is also a good way to protect you and the community from coronavirus.

Coronavirus Prevention Correctly
Wash your hand regularly to remove coronavirus

If you come back from epicenters or you show any symptoms of infection, inform the health officers and ask for help. The Indian government has sanctioned 51 coronavirus-testing centers in this country. You need to have your health tested for timely isolation and treatment.

You can also check out more coronavirus prevention measures suggested by experts. These tips are also available on our website.

Coronavirus Timely Treatment
Prevent Coronavirus And Have Timely Treatment If Necessary

The article gave you the answer to the question ‘does cow urine kill coronavirus’. According to health experts, cow urine cannot protect you from coronavirus. Instead, you need to follow the instructions of health officers, scientists, and governments to prevent coronavirus.