Does hot water kill the coronavirus? Many people are curious about that, especially when WHO is putting a coronavirus alert after recording new peaks of infection. Besides, this deadly virus is spreading quickly in many hot countries like Brazil and India. It raised a question about the effect of temperature on this virus. Let’s find the answer to the question ‘Will hot water kill coronavirus’ here with

Does Hot Water Kill The Coronavirus When You Drink?

After unlocking, the number of coronavirus cases has been flying up. There are over 90 lakh confirmed cases across the world. In India, there are over 4.26 confirmed cases, and over 13 thousand deaths across the country. In Brazil, another tropical country in South America, the number of confirmed cases is nearly 11 lakh and the number of death is about 50 thousand.

The Number Of Coronavieus Cases Is Flying
The Number Of Coronavirus Cases Is Flying In India And Across The World

These examples make people doubt the myth that coronavirus is inactive at high temperatures. It also raises a question that ‘does hot water kill coronavirus’. However, hot drinks cannot protect you from this fatal virus. Drinking hot water, coffee, tea, milk, etc. only make people feel comfortable in cold weather and release the flu symptoms.

Hot Drink Cannot Kill Coronavirus
Experts Claimed That Hot Drink Cannot Kill Coronavirus

We have been seeing many claims on social media that hot drinks can kill coronavirus. However, scientists claimed that hot drink was not a cure for coronavirus. These fake pieces of news can kill a lot of people. When you trust these unauthorized pieces of news and lose your vigilance with this pandemic, you are at higher risk.

Do Hygiene To Stop Coronavirus
Scientists advised you to so hygiene to stay away from coronavirus

Ron Eccles is a doctor in respiratory diseases from Cardiff University in the UK. He claimed that there was no evidence on the effect of hot drinks in preventing viral infection. However, maintaining social distancing well can protect us from getting a coronavirus infection.

Social Distancing
Maintaining social distancing to prevent coronavirus pandemic

BBC Future, a widely-trusted channel in the UK has tested the effect of drinking hot water in coronavirus prevention. They found out that this method made no sense because drinking water or using gargling liquid cannot wash away viruses. However, this fatal virus can enter your body quickly through tiny droplets.

Does Hot Water Kill The Coronavirus: What Is The Right Way?

Drinking hot water cannot protect you from coronavirus infection. However, you can still use hot water to disinfect things and stay away from the SARS-COV-2 virus in this way. Scientists conducted research and found out that SARS-COV-2 viruses can be killed at above 70oC (158oF). But drinking the water at this temperature can make your respiratory tract scalded.

The Number Of Deaths Due To Coronavirus
The Number Of Deaths Due To Coronavirus Keeps Rising

However, you can use hot water to disinfect things, such as kitchen stuff or clothes. You cannot use such hot water to kill coronavirus by drinking or bathing or it may cause scald. But you can wash dishes, cups, and clothes to stay away from this life-threatening virus. Or else, you can clean the floor or furniture with hot water. But you should check out the labels of some clothes and carpeted furniture to make sure that you won’t destroy them with temperature.

Does Hot Water Kill The Coronavirus
You can use hot water in other ways to kill coronavirus

So, the answer to the question ‘Does hot water kill the coronavirus’ is yes, as long as you do it in the right way. Hot water is effective in disinfect items. Moreover, a high temperature can kill coronavirus, you should eat well-cooked food. Eating raw or rare-cooked food is also risky amid coronavirus pandemic. Scientists also warned people about eating well-cooked food to protect themselves from coronavirus. It's because this virus can be killed at very high temperatures.

Wash Clothes With Hot Water
For Example, Wash Clothes With Hot Water

Does Hot Water Kill The Coronavirus: Must-Know Prevention Method To Stay Safe Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The very first thing you need to do to stay away from coronavirus is frequent hygiene. It's very important to disinfect your hands and items. Scientists and experts advise you to wash your hands with hand sanitizers or soap regularly. Besides, you need to wash clothes, household applications, tools, and furniture with hot water, steaming, or sanitizers. Clean your house to remove harmful bacteria and coronavirus.

Wash Your Hands With Soap Or Sanitizer
Wash Your Hands With Soap Or Sanitizer Regularly To Stay Away From This Deadly Virus

Next, wearing masks and maintaining good social distancing are the key methods to prevent the infection and stop this pandemic. It's vital to do it together. People across the world must take precautions with this virus and join hands to stop it. You should not hold or join any parties at this time. Avoiding crowded places is very important to stay away from coronavirus now.

Wearing Masks In Public Place
Wearing masks in public places is the key method to prevent the infection and stop this pandemic.

The risk of infection is still very high and the situation is getting worse in many countries. If you have any symptoms of infection, you need to see doctors right away for coronavirus test and on-time treatment. The sooner you treat it, the more chance of recovery you have. Besides, you need to do self-isolation and home quarantine if needed.

Use Steaming Method To Kill Coronavirus
Use Steaming Method To Kill Coronavirus

Another thing you should keep in mind is covering your mouth with a tissue when you cough and sneeze. Then, throw the tissue into the dustbin. The virus can be transferred in the tiny droplets when you sneeze or cough. So, you should stop these droplets with tissues. Besides, don't touch public surfaces and touch your eyes, nose, and mouth because coronavirus can enter your body through your hands.

Those are things you need to know about coronavirus prevention. We have answered the question 'Does hot water kill the coronavirus'. It's yes but in the right way. To update the latest coronavirus news as well as more methods for coronavirus prevention, let's visit our website.