The number of DOTA2 concurrent players has surpassed 900,000 (yes 900 thousand players playing DOTA2 at the same time). It has been years since the last time this game reached this number of concurrent players.

According to the numbers from SteamCharts - An ongoing analysis of Steam's concurrent players – DOTA 2 is currently having its peak after 24 hours of 927,664 players (when this article is being written). This is a huge number, without any doubt. And the number from the previous months also showed the increase in the number of players.

Screenshot 2

The average number of players for this game is also rising. This number for December 2018 was 440 thousand players. But in the last one month, the average number of players playing DOTA2 was 486 thousand players – a remarkable rise indeed. Although the statistics are good for DOTA2 as well as the game’s developer – Valve Corporation, this current peak still quite far below the highest peak of all time in DOTA2 – nearly one million and 300 thousand players.

The second factor is much more interesting. DOTA2 Auto Chess – a fan-made custom game based on the original DOTA2 is drawing a huge number of players coming for the game. This custom game can make the players feel like they are playing a unique “board game” with all the cool sound and visual effects. This board game will require players to have knowledge about the meta of the game to compete with each other and win.

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