The new ranked season in the game DOTA2 has officially started. Following the new season, Valve Corporation – the developer of DOTA2 – has just released some major update for the game, including the new 7.21 balance patch, new ranked season, and new additions to Dota Plus service.

First thing first, all the rank medals of the players have been reset, which will give the players opportunities to calibrate their ranking strategies again for the new season. Moreover, in the new season, there will be 7 star tiers for each rank medals (previously there were 5 star tiers for each rank medals). New emoticons will be the reward for players in each rank tier as a bonus.

In the player profile, the players now can see their numerical behavior score and conduct summaries as well. This is actually a great action by Valve Corporation to encourage good players and good behaviors from players in the game. Valve believe by doing this, each player will realize how their own in-game behaviors affect the other and themselves, especially the enjoyment of the players.

About DOTA Plus (a side service to support DOTA2 players by Valve), subscribers for this service will have a set of mission for this new ranked season. Completing these quests will bring rewards to players.

Not only so, but DOTA Plus subscribers will also benefit from 4 totally new item sets for Monkey King, Medusa, Enchantress, and Centaur (exclusive for DOTA Plus subscribers). You can have a closer look at these set of item in the clip below.

Of course, the main disk for this update meal is the game changes in the 7.21 balance patch. We recommend you to carefully read the patch notes here.

According to Valve Corporation in their previous speech, there will be no major update for the game DOTA2 until the new champion is released. Mars, a hero based on the mythological Roman god of war, will be released sometime between the end of February and early March this year.