Again, Dr Disrespec has decided to end his relationship with PUBG. The famous Twitch streamer claimed that only if the server issues of PUBG are solved will he come back.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Dr Disrespect have involved in such an emotional roller coaster relationship for about 2 years – when this game was out in 2017. Dr Disrespect has streamed the game with regularity at that time. Meanwhile, he’s also mixed in a couple of different battle royales

In fact, The Doc has welcomed the game back into his own streaming rotation used for “‘Triple Threat Challenge’ – his trademark – by coming on top in both PUBG, Apex Legends, and Fortnite Battle Royale. However, it seems that this will be replaced with a different battle royale game for his future challenges.

Dr Disrespect Ninja Impression
Dr Disrespect

Throughout his streaming on May 30, Fortnite Battle Royale had been ticked off in the Two-Time's checklist. However, he was still hesitating about PUBG. He did reach the highest limitation and also cancel the challenge totally just after a couple of hours.

Getting angry after the death, the streamer stated that in this 'sh*thole f**king game'. Not just that, he never got that opportunity of hearing anyone from that far away. The Doc claimed that since they were playing on 90 pings and he was done with this game. He also assured that he didn't wanna play this sh*thole game unless they found a server in West Coast.

dr disrespect pubg
Dr Disrespect has a huge reputation for playing and streaming PUBG

The Doc hoped that somebody would catch his call. He targeted at the developers of the game and begged for a hopeless request for the new servers.

The Doc concluded that he was never playing that terrible game again unless the developer got a server from the west coast. He said that it’s also impossible on 85 out of 90 pings so he was done. Finally, he apologized to his viewers and also asked them to keep him up-to-date with the changes in the game.

Removing the PUBG might have destroyed his attempt in the Triple Threat Challenge, but the Doc obviously appreciates the quality of the game rather than mindlessly try to defeat something which he isn't keen on just to have the unmeaningful fame.

It's obvious that the Doc can still come back to kill his enemies with his impressive speed, momentum, and violence. The only condition is that PUBG Corp can hear the calls from him then put a brand new West Coast server close to him. However, at that moment, people can see him in other different battle royale titles.