One of the most famous streamers on Twitch platform Dr Disrespect has been banned since E3 2019 convention. But now, his channel on Twitch has officially come back, and the fans of this streamer have already gone wild with this unbanning decision from Twitch, although this streamer has not been online since the unbanning decision.

Dr Disrespect Twitch Banned Unbanned Suspendion E3
Dr Disrespect in E3 this year

Back on June 11th, which was the first day of E3 2019 convention, Dr Disrespect made an in real life stream when he entered a public bathroom in the E3 convention. This stream has resulted in his Twitch channel being banned shortly after the stream. Streaming in a public bathroom is strictly against the rules of Twitch, so the quick ban is really easy to understand. Moreover, this is a violating stream during one of the biggest annual gaming conventions, so some people even believe that Dr Disrespect will be banned away from Twitch for a long time, possibly forever. Twitch did not say how long would the ban last, as usual.

Dr Disrespect E3 Twitch Restroom Bathroom Stream U
The internet has gone wild with this E3 bathroom stream of Dr Disrespect

However, just a few hours ago, the fans have found out that Dr Disrespect’s Twitch channel can be accessed now. This certainly means an unbanning decision has been granted for his channel. So, in total, his channel has been banned for 14 days only (starting from June 11th). This ban does not last as long as people expect (the majority of the Twitch community believe this ban will last at least 30 days)

Screenshot 1
The comment section of his Twitch channel is booming with exciting messages from the fans

The fans of Dr Disrespect are extremely excited with this news, and this excitement can easily be seen in the comment section of Twitch chat in Dr Disrespect’s channel. The fans are still flooding the Twitch chat of this channel since the moment they found out about the unbanning decision. So many messages have been seen that Twitch has to limit the number of messages by allowing only people who have subscribed the channel to be able to send messages.