Apparently, models were seen posing in their birthday suits for an eye-burning Dubai balcony photoshoot and made a lot of headlines for their illicit images. After getting caught on the penthouse apartment in broad daylight, they now have received a 5-year ban from traveling to the Gulf.

Reportedly, a male photographer and at least 11 ladies had been on charges of spreading pornography and debauchery.

Models Posing Naked In Dubai
The viral Dubai balcony photoshoot made headlines everywhere over the world.

Models posing in Dubai balcony photoshoot felt ashamed

The government deported the Ukrainian females after they stayed in jail for nine days. The models got arrested for violating public decency.

The 19-year-old Yulia Ulyanochkina was the first to get in the cells. She said they banned all of them from entering the Gulf countries for five years.

Yulia Ulyanochkina
Yulia Ulyanochkina was one of the models putting in jail while waiting for their punishment.

Meanwhile, another one of the models who posed bare in the viral Dubai balcony photoshoot has also raised a voice about this stunt. She also described how ashamed she felt having to tell her grandma about it.

Yana Graboshchuk, 27 years old, shared,

"There were no hints or attempts to convince us to film for porn, as was alleged. We were having a rest, sightseeing, swimming in the Gulf, taking photos in the pool, all in swimsuits."

Yana Graboshchuk
The model felt ashamed to tell the unfortunate day to her grandmother.

She also defended Vitaliy Grishin. He funded the whole photoshoot and paid for the model group to fly to Dubai.

Yana Graboshchuk 1
She also defended the funder for their photoshoot.

Moreover, her reason for their controversial photo shoot is that the female models had gone to change in Vitaliy Grishin’s apartment and decided to take some photos.

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Dubai law issued

As per Sky News, Issam Issa al Humaidan, the attorney general of Dubai, said the public prosecutors completed a probe. Moreover, those who engaged in the Dubai balcony photoshoot will be sent back to their home countries.

Dubai Balcony 1
A cut from the video that went viral on social media.

Dubai foreign ministry also confirmed that 11 models arrested are Ukrainian. Meanwhile, a Russian diplomat affirmed that the photographer that filmed the act owns Russian citizenship.

It said in a statement,  "On April 3, Dubai police detained a group of people in connection with a violation of public morals. According to preliminary information, among the detainees [are] 11 Ukrainian citizens."

As a matter of fact, the model group triggered outrage in the nation for overlooking strict laws on “lewd” behavior in the United Arab Emirates.

Director and Founder of Detained in Dubai, Radha Stirling, disclosed that the organization had been informed this stunt was for an Israeli X-rated channel.

Talking to the newspaper, she said,

"Initially we were being told that it was the Israeli branch of a US adult website and now we are hearing that it's an Israeli porn channel.”

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