For a while now, Epic Games – developer of the hit battle royale Fortnite –  has been questionable with its decision-making where the game’s competitive scene is concerned, much to the frustration of pro players and the entire competitive Fortnite community as a whole

Just over a week after the company made a statement that there will be no more game-changing updates released for Fortnite in while tournaments are taking place, it announced that the Season 8 of Fortnite will go live on the exact same day as the $500,000 (Rs 35,576,250) IEM Katowice tournament.

Epic has a tendency of introducing game-changing updates at the beginning of a season, which threatens to imbalance the integrity Fortnite’s professional competitions. Several events like Winter Royale and WSOE 3 have been the victims of this, which prompted pro player Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani of Team Solomid to call for other Fortnite pros to unite and create a Union to protect their own interest earlier this month.

Fortnite Myth
TSM Myth called for a Fortnite pro player union earlier this month

Moreover, many have been displeased with how Epic Games chose the participants for its next major eSports event, the Secret Skirmish Invitational, which sports a prize pool of $500,000.

The company previously claimed that it would notify players if an in-game Pop-up Cup would be used for as a qualification round for major events. Matt Layman, Epic’s Esports Lead even publicly stated in a Reddit post that they would be “very clear” about this.

Fortnite Qualifier
The statement from Matt Layman

Unfortunately, reality turned out to be quite different.  Epic Games would later announce that the 25 players who ranked top in the Explorer Cup have qualified for the Secret Skirmish. Prior to that announcement, there was no indication that the Explorer Cup would be used as a qualifier.

All this has sparked outrage among the Fortnite community.  Several notable figures including Kris ‘Convertible’ Nara and Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani have taken to Twitter to bring this issue to attention.

Fortnite Qualifier 1
Convertible wants people to pay more attention to this issue

Epic Games’ contradictory stance regarding the eSports scene of Fortnite is troubling to say the least. With that being the case, Myth’s call for the establishment of a Union is starting to seem like a necessity.