It seems Epic Games is currently having plans to open a new office in Detroit (Michigan, USA). However, this new office will not be developing video games. Instead, the creator of the popular battle royale Fortnite wants to bring its Unreal Engine into the automotive industry in the US.

According to a report on Sunday from Crain's Detroit Business, Epic wants to recruit up to fifteen expert support staff to work at its Detroit office, which hopefully will start operating at the end of this year. From there, the company will collaborate with automakers to find ways to apply its Unreal technology to their designs as well as marketing processes.

Epic Games Car
Epic Games wants to bring its Unreal Engine into the automotive industry

In fact, several companies in the automotive industry have already implemented the tech in certain parts of their businesses. For instance, at the New York International Auto Show last month in Manhattan, Ford used a VR experience powered by Unreal to demonstrate its 2020 Explorer model. For Ford, VR is the most reliable way to show consumers what it’s like to control a prototype vehicle without them having to actually sit in one. That makes the technology ideal for exhibitions that take place in a relatively confined space.

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The Ford 2020 was demonstrated using an Unreal-powered VR experience at the New York International Auto Show

"We're looking for the most cost-efficient way to achieve our objectives," said Ford’s events manager Garett Carr. "And if Unreal is the most efficient way to communicate what we're trying to communicate, that's what we'll use."

The report from Crain's also pointed out that Audi has used Epic’s engine for interactive displays in 1,000 dealerships across the world, with which customers can customize their ideal rides.

Unreal Engine has plenty of potentials, and Epic is apparently trying to expand on that as much as possible. It’s amazing to think how far technology has gone in the past few years.