Epic Games has proceeded against Norwich Fortnite Live’s organizers. The festival which had been publicized by social media has turned out to be a massive failure. Mismanagement, as well as attraction horrid, led to lots of refunds that are being issued.


“The event was not authorized by Epic Games.”

The festival was compared to Fyre Festival, which was an infamous, disastrous music event that was held in 2017 and depicted by a favored Netflix documentary.


“The Norwich Fortnite Live Festival’s logo”

The event was not authorized by Epic Games. Thereafter, everything about the event disappeared, even its Facebook page. Exciting Events, its organizers deployed registered Fortnite material without any consent from the owner. Exiting Events claimed, "Epic Games... have now forced the shutdown of the two pre-booked Fortnite Live events, with the immediate removal of all promotional communication from the public domain".


“Lately, Exiting Events stated that there would be Norwich Fortnite in the same venue next year but it’s not likely to happen”

"These proceedings by Epic Games has had a catastrophic impact on the company's ability to trade, which has forced Exciting Events Limited to cease all trading activities immediately and the director of Exciting Events will now seek to limit the losses to third parties as far as possible."

Epic declared that the company was “not in any way associated with the event that took place in Norwich,” and they recently brought the case before the High Court.

Lately, Exiting Events stated that there would be Norwich Fortnite in the same venue next year. The organizer claimed they "were still committed to hosting the two future Fortnite Live events, even after all of the national publicity and personal abuse and threats experienced by the directors and family of the business." However, at present, it’s not likely to happen.