If we can agree that Korea is the country that gave birth to esports, then Germany is certainly the growing place of esports. In 2011, the first-ever million-dollar esports championship – DOTA2‘s The International – was hosted in Germany. The League of Legends European Championship (LEC) is being hosted in Germany. And yes, speaking of esports in Germany without mentioning ESL – the world’s biggest esports organizer and production company – is a crime to all the contribution of ESL toward esports industry.

Yes, this success can never happen without the help of the German government. However, while the government is helping the esports industry, some very high-class politicians express extremely strong opposition toward esports. In December 2018, Mr. Peter Beuth – German politician and State Minister of the Interior and for Sports of Hesse (a state of Germany) – said that Esports had no connection to sports and that term needed to be exterminated.

Peter Beuth
Mr. Peter Beuth

Following the statement by Mr. Peter Beuth, just recently, Mr, Alfons Hörmann – president of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (German name is Deutschen Olympischen Sportbundes – DOSB) – expressed his opposition toward esports too. But this time, Mr, Alfons Hörmann’s words were even stronger than Mr. Peter Beuth’s. “Esports does not exist. And it will not be included in the Olympic program,” said Hörmann.

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Mr, Alfons Hörmann

The politician even compared esports to knitting and playing the recorder as he expressed strong opposition to the German government providing support for esports programs in the country.

Nevertheless, there are still numerous German politicians standing on the side of esports. Ralf-Rainer Klatt, the Vice Principal of Landessportbund Hessen, the umbrella organization of organized sports in the German state of Hesse, previously argued against Beuth that when the youth approach clubs and “say that [they] like to do esports as team sports, then that is something different than when the individual [is] alone with the console [or] computer.”

“You have to consider esports as [a] part of the digitization process of our society, which [has] just arrived in sports,” Klatt added.

Mr. Ralf-Rainer Klatt

Dorothee Bär, Germany’s State Minister for Digitization, also came out in support of esports in October last year, tweeting that “esports is sport.”

Politicians may have their own opinions on esports, but the fast-growing of esports is surely undeniable.