Evolution Championship Series, aka Evo, is arguably the biggest esports event for fans of fighting games. Las Vegas is the annual venue of the original tournament but in the last few years, Evo has brought to Japan similar events, which attract a number of excellent players competing in a number of tournaments.

Evo usually features promotion opportunities for game developers to stream or appear on the stage to draw attention to their new products. What tournament goers might expect here is something like the latest updates of Street Fighter 5 and the like.

When Dead or Alive 6’s developer had the spotlight for themselves in the latest event, something unexpected occurred.

Dead Or Alive 6 Evo Japan Fgc Re Feature
DOA 6's stream incident has caused a lot of debate

What the company after was to run a demo of the game’s free camera control but things soon turned sour. What happened was the MC drew audience attention to a particular set of frames with laughter. What was showed looked exactly like a sensitive sexual position made by the two characters? The scene looked more silly than offensive but it did stir the audience.

The next thing we knew was DOA producers showed up and announced that they would apply a more sensible approach but the jiggle-wiggle breast physics were there to stay. However, Evo applied a suspension on the stream for the rest of the promoting session.

Last year, this same concern also caused director of DOA 6 to spoke out to quash the rumors about the removal of breast physics. However, he also said that the extent of movement would depend on the texture of the outfit. What the company aimed at was to reflect the exact body movements in the game, not just the breast. He confirmed that the company was still working with fans’ expectation in mind to silence any rumor about the total absence of this “fan service” movement.

Leifang Enter Ds1 1340x1340
Breast physics will still be in DOA 6

Shimbori, the director in question, shared that the team hoped that players could shift their attention toward other aspects of the game as well because they had tried so hard to make the smallest details look realistic, from the expression of the face, the bruises to sweat.

Joey Cuellar, director of Evo later said on Twitter that the DOA incident had nothing to do with the tournament’s core value and the act of suspending the stream was to keep Evo’s integrity intact. He later said sorry to the tournament’s fans.

The incident and the tweet evoked mix reactions from the public. Some agreed and expressed approval of Evo’s quick action, others disapproved.

Doa6 Tina Mila Battle1 0
The incident and Evo's act have mixed reactions from fans

The most-used argument to back the latter on the Twitter thread was that Evo was completely fine with brutal scenes such as when in Mortal Kombat, a character’s head was squashed into pieces and the whole scene was covered in blood but now it did not apply the same attitude toward a controversial set of frames that at the right angle, look sexually evoked. While this is not a completely sound argument, it is still valid. However, letting this kind of controversial scenes to be shown freely is not something a professional organization as Evo can do without thinking twice.

This was not the first time this sensitive issue happens for fight titles in recent years. The genre is entitled to fan service, a term originated from Japan which means giving fans exactly what they expect to see to please them. The most common way to do this “service” requires the involvement of female characters.

Street Fighter 5 has also been in a tug-of-war game because of this matter. The first criticism was when the developer decided to remove R.Mika’s butt-slap in order not to make players uncomfortable. Another limitation that involves Mika was when Evo’s Street Fighter 5 appeared on ESPN, a large US sports television channel. One of the players was not allowed to use Mika’s default outfit because it was inappropriate to be broadcast on TV. The developer also made nipples disappear in the game, which made the idea of seeing Zangief with no shirt and nipples sounds weird.

6 04
Mika no longer has her butt-slap move

No further conclusion on Evo’s decision to cut DOA 6’s demo short has been made but the debate over Evo keeping the bloody scenes of Mortal Kombat but considering what showed in DOA a threat to its integrity is still catching on like wildfire.