Facebook has just officially announced on Wednesday, April 17th that this company may have “unintentionally uploaded” email contacts of 1.5 million new users, starting from May 2016. This looks like the newest customers’ privacy relating issue for this biggest social media in the world.

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Facebook seemingly has another privacy issue

In March 2019, this website had shut down the feature of allowing email password verification as a choice for people who signed up a Facebook account for the first time. There were numerous cases where email contacts of the users were uploaded to Facebook’s database when they created their account on this social media via their emails, according to the statement of the company.

It also made sure that all the users had been notified if their contacts were uploaded. This company also ensured everyone that the bug which created this incident has been fixed completely.

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Can we believe in Facebook now?

Some big newspapers had found out earlier that this website had seemingly attempted to harvest email contacts of its users without their permission or awareness when they first created a Facebook account via their email accounts. Those newspapers reported that there was only a message saying the contacts were “importing” to the website popped up when users created a Facebook account via email accounts.

This is not the first time Facebook involved in an issue relating to its customers’ privacy. One of the most famous issues of Facebook in this matter was the time Mark Zuckerberg – founder of this social media platform – had to answer questions from governments about the accusation of this company selling users’ data without users’ consent. Or the most recent case was that the passwords for accounts of many users were leaked in the internal system of Facebook’s employees.

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Mark Zuckerberg needs to be more responsible