Last year, Facebook revealed its Level Up program for emerging video game creators or streamers in the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). This social media will assist users in finding videos from streamers on the platform and support new creators to make E3 content. Recently the company has included two new updates for the game creators. One is the introduction of the customized emojis and stickers for partnered gaming creator, and another is the roll-out of the Fan Subscriptions beta product.

Facebook Level Up Program
Facebook Level Up Program

The gaming creators can design and customize their own packs of stickers and share them in chat via the social media platform’s Fan Subscriptions. As the customized stickers are included as exclusive content from the creators available on Fan Subscriptions, the fans can show their support to creators by $5 monthly subscription for benefits such as access to exclusive items.

Customized stickers for Level Up Program

According to Facebook, the beta version of Fan Subscriptions is available for its content partners in gaming. This service will soon be introduced to creators of the Level Up program, which can become a way for them to get more money and develop their community on Facebook. Fan Subscriptions is being expended in stages with some Level Up creators based on how active they are. Facebook will soon include more creators in the service. Currently available over 40 countries in the world, the Level Up program is a creation from Facebook to assist gaming creators in beginning their stream on the platform, getting money, and building their community.

Members of the program can gain money from their work with Facebook Stars. Introduced in January, this feature allows fans to support the creators by buying and sending virtual products in the live section. Facebook Stars is one of the critical elements of the Level Up program. Creators in the program will also get early access to new live streaming features, custom Support service on this social media, and so on.

Facebook Send Star Live Stream Tips
Sending stars to support your favorite streamers on Facebook

Besides, those creators who have graduated from the Level Up program will have the chances to be in a partnered program. Some examples of Level Up streamer becoming gaming creator partners of this social media are Kingslayer and DiMez.