After their mission to save the world in Endgame, Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson are ready to jet off to the new Disney+ streaming service for their miniseries. The upcoming film named Falcon & Winter Soldier is hoped to bring up more space for the duo to define themselves after the Endgame MCU. Moreover, the film would also offer a larger picture of Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson’s lives, which will give the series a chance to explore the political and social climates of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in many essential ways.

Avengers: Endgame sets one of the last scenes of the duo at a crossway where they meet their friend – Steve Rogers in his elder form. The old Steve used the Quantum Realm to go back and spend his time somewhere in the past that he finally can live his life in peace and grow old. Although Sam is happy with the idea that his friend had a chance to live the way he deserved, Sam still doesn’t expect a future without Captain America. At the moment Steve hands him the shield as an implication that Sam should be the one to keep up with Captain’s work, Sam knows it’s his decision.


Falcon & Winter Soldier will premiere in the next August

 This scene is, somehow, odd. Before receiving the shield, Sam looks at Bucky, as though he wants to ask for Bucky’s permission to accept Captain’s shield. Though most people are shipping a couple of Steve and Bucky and thinking of the idea that Bucky takes up his best friend’s work, it is not easy for the world to understand how come a former Hydra agent would become a resident patriot. The fact that making Sam Steve’s successor will be more appropriate for the whole story, in accordance with previous events and the most recent arcs in comics.

In the upcoming issue of the comics, the Falcon will get to know the familiar and, at the same time, different ropes which go with carrying the shield. His story used to be some kind of uninspired plot when he brought along the energy of American heroism, just like what Steve Rogers did. However, it changes in the Sam Wilson: Captain America comics.


Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes and Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson in the Falcon & Winter Soldier

The comics put on Sam’s decision on taking a clearly liberal political attitude, which makes it obvious for many people to invalidate and question his status of Captain America. However, just the same as how Captain America become bigger than just a man wearing stripes and stars, Sam’s validity as the new Captain America was still challenged in many more ways than simply his politics. As a black-skinned Captain America, Sam had the chance to define Captain as a platform serving the country and as his own identity. Sam would want to brace himself for the villains in the MCU who don’t really care that he is an all-new Captain America.

Even if racism has been a tribulation that Sam meet along his time being Captain America, it is undeniable that his part as Captain America contributes to the complete Marvel story and how the character develops overtimes.

3Sam Wilson as the black Captain America in comics

Sam was first introduced in the classic issue in 1975. Red Skull manipulated the Snap Wilson’s memories using the Cosmic Cube to turn him from a stereotypical gangster into an upstanding, respectable citizen to earn Captain America’s trust. Red Skull planned to hurt Steve by revealing this truth about his friend’s past and this revelation left some effects on Sam and the Snap somehow became a curious part of his life that remained unexamined.

In All-New Captain America, it is the Red Skull’s manipulation for Sam’s racist betrayal that re-establish his origins as a gentle social worker. This single retcon can do so much to unmake the aspect of a character’s history which existed for decades when other characters experienced many reinventions to fit into the contemporary stories.


Red Skull explains his manipulation of Sam’s past

How Sam becomes Captain America in MCU is a lot more different than how he does it in the comics. Both evolution periods are fundamental. The process in MCU is suitable for the development over times when the franchise needs changing, from the outside and the inside. As a part of this development, new and various generation of hero characters will be given the prominent positions in films, like Falcon & Winter Soldier.

An important point these projects should look into to make it thoughtfully-crafted stories is to deal with evident realities which these characters are handling. For this series, the main idea is the old Captain America chose to end the game and Sam will be the successor. How does this suppose to be for the whole world and for Sam himself? What is the difference between the way he experiences the Captain America’s time and the way his predecessor did?


Sam will have a lot to do in his process of claiming himself the new Captain America

While in comics, Steve acknowledges the time pass and has been an active piece of the world, Steve in MCU only returns to public eye lately and remains his mythological part of the history. Not until he is awake, did the world know more about him than just a historical character that punched Nazis. Now besides his life and devoted career doing public service, audiences get to know the basic things about him: big shield, big smile, and white.

Since one of the basis is going to change (upon his skin), the character will get more attention.

As the title “Falcon & Winter Soldier” reveals, Sam will not start as Captain America at the very beginning of the series. He will have his time to figure out what to do before calling himself, Captain America. In the searching, Falcon & Winter Soldier can be an effective support to explore what this black Captain America would mean for the universe.