The lead producer of Guerrilla Games studio, Patrick Munnik has just passed away, leaving the second part of his famous title Horizon Zero Dawn postponed indefinitely.
It came as sad news to the gaming community as Guerrilla Games has just announced that the producer of The Killzone series and the title Horizon Zero Dawn, Patrick Munnik has just taken his last breath at the age of 44 and left behind his wife and kids. There are yet to have any detailed information about his death revealed to the public, but all of the gaming players are in mourning for the sudden passing of the Horizon Zero Dawn’s producer.

Patrick Munnik
Patrick Munnik, lead producer of Guerrilla Games studio

On Thursday, June 13, Guerrilla Games announced the sad news, saying “It is with great shock and sadness we inform you that our lead producer Patrick Munnik is no longer with us.” They continued, “We are eternally grateful to have had our greatly valued and much loved Patrick on our team.” Patrick Munnik had been a part of Guerrilla Games since 2011 and held the position of Senior Producer while working here.

Horizon Zero Dawn
Patrick Munnik is the father of the title Horizon Zero Dawn

The sudden death of the talented game producer was heartbreaking news to the community all over the world, with many expressing their lamentation to Guerrilla Games as well as the loved ones of the producer for their loss. As shared by the company, Patrick Munnik had contributed his time and effort for the title Horizon Zero Dawn, the acclaimed AAA hit remaining as one of the best PS4 games. The members of the community will fondly remember the name of Munnik for his contributions and his wonderful creations that have touched the hearts of thousands of players in the world.

Patrick Munnik
Patrick Munnik's dying reasons have not been revealed to the press yet

Although many people pay little attention to the human resource of gaming development, it takes a lot of hard work and time of a team of hundreds of developers to give players the best titles with a great experience. Hopefully, Guerrilla Games can bring Patrick Munnik into his spiritual child, Horizon Zero Dawn or any game that the studio is working on to honor the talented producer and his contribution to the industry.

Horizon Zero Dawn
Can we see Patrick Munnik in Horizon Zero Dawn?

Horizon Zero Dawn is known as one of the top gaming hit in early 2017, marking the great comeback of Guerrilla Games, taking players to a new adventure. Giving up the familiar concept of the first-person shooter in Killzone, the gaming studio decided to take a risk with a totally different concept and gained an unexpected success with the title.

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Hopefully the death of Patrick Munnik will not slow down Guerrilla Games studio

Horizon Zero Dawn is the first action role-playing game of Guerrilla Games studio. Playing from the third-person view, players would follow the footsteps of Aloy, a female hunter to a mystical world ruled by robotic creatures to uncover her past. With stunning graphics, engaging story-based missions, a versatile pool of weapons and epic battle, the game would keep you in the mystical world with a lot of great experience as long as possible. Additionally, the studio offers the players of this title a challenging mode for those who are into something a bit trickier and more difficult.