Along with the blossom of the gaming industry is the fierce competition among streamers to gain more views and subscriptions. While there are countless female streamers who use their sultry and seductive appearance as the selling point, being hot and beautiful is not enough to gain the attention, views, and subscriptions. In fact, many female streamers have to make use of some tricks just to steal the spotlight. Recently, a streamer named Soram has taken the internet by storm for flaunting her assets when trying to kill a mosquito on her screen. Although everyone knows that the streamer intended to do so, her trick worked as many users gushed over her video.

Photo 1 1605945441817839829993
The stunning appearance of streamer Soram who raised the mercy bar with her big boobs

In fact, Soram is an acclaimed female streamer who steals the heart of many single men for her adorable and fresh appearance. However, it was the first time she makes it big by showcasing her curves right in front of the screen. When being on a live stream section last weekend, the 21-year-old streamer was seen in black tight shorts and bra, layered with a thin coat.

While the bra seems to be so tight that makes her cleavage so visible, the streamer treated her fans a 'close-up' look at it when she came closer to the camera just to wipe away something which seems to be a mosquito. While the rare moment lasted only a few hour, it took her viewer by storm that many people got excited. Some of them event roasted that it was the best thing they've ever seen a mosquito can do.

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Take a look at more photos of the stunning streamer right below:

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No matter if it was an accident or not, the streamers managed to gain thousands of views and many new followers after showing off her curves 
Photo 2 16059454556561140175621
More photo of Soram and her breathtaking assets
Photo 1 1605945454673572309312
The streamer set the internet by storm for flaunting her cleavage in a tight strappy top and loose coat

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