A beautiful female streamer from Korea has made netizens shocked when cutting her dress on her live-stream. She got annoyed when being labeled 'too young'. Check out her story here.

Female Streamer Cut Her Dress To Flaunt 'Adult's Body'

Being a streamer, you may get both compliments and criticisms from audiences and netizens. Moreover, female streamers often have to get good or bad comments on their body shapes or fashion style. The female streamer named Min Jung in this story also got some annoying comments about her body.

Min Jung 3
Min Jung is a hot streamer in South Korea.

In specific, she often dresses formally and elegantly. Therefore, many netizens commented that she was too young and not sexy. In a previous live-stream, many audiences commented that Min Jung looked like a high-school student, so she should be at school instead of sitting in front of the camera.

It's because Min Jung often dresses up elegantly in her broadcasts. Being annoyed when reading those comments, this beautiful streamer cut her dress right in her broadcast. Then, she also treated her audiences with some sexy dances in her new short dress.

Min Jung Livestream
Many audiences commented that Min Jung was too young.

Many netizens and audiences were completely impressed by her changes. Min Jung is not only beautiful but also sexy. Besides, she is also excellent at replying to annoying comments of audiences. After that live-stream, netizens stopped to despise her body shape as well as her fashion style.

She Cut Her Dress
She Cut Her Dress And Performed Sexy Dances In The New Dress.

Then, she continued to post make our hearts race with a lot of sexy pictures on Instagram. Min Jung is also a hot girl in Korea with lots of fans and followers on the internet. The streamer has over 7.3 lakh followers on Instagram. The 26-year-old streamer looks young, beautiful, and very sweet with a small face and white silky skin. Here are some beautiful Instagram pictures of her.

Min Jung 1

Min Jung 2

Min Jung 4

Min Jung 5

Min Jung 6

Min Jung 7

Min Jung 8

Min Jung 9

Min Jung 10

Min Jung 11

Min Jung 12

Min Jung 13