Female streamer Missbehavin has got a 3-day ban after taking off her briefs in a recent live-stream. However, that short punishment displeased many audiences. They think she deserves more severe punishment for that sensitive content.

Female Streamer Only Got 3-Day Ban After Taking Off Her Panties

Missbehavin has a super hot and sexy body shape that helps her popular and famous in the live-stream community. She has a lot of fans and followers on her broadcast channel and Instagram. Moreover, she often chooses sexy clothes to flaunt her body shape and treat viewers.

Missbehavin 1
Missbehavin is a famous streamer on Twitch.

She also cosplays many famous characters to make her content more diverse and attractive. However, it seems that Missbehavin was too high and lost her mind in a recent lives-stream. She suddenly took off her briefs and showed her nude bottoms in front of the camera.

Missbehavin 2
She often flaunts her hot and sultry body shape on live-streams and Instagram photos.

These sensitive images made audiences shocked for a short while. Then, it made the chatbox break out in comments. A few seconds later, the live-stream screen turned dark. Her offensive images made a lot of audiences shocked and disgusted.

She Wore Bikini
She Wore Bikini And Suddenly Took Of The Panties
She Got Banned
Then, she got banned immediately.

Most people thought she would get a permanent ban on Twitch. However, this platform only gave her a 3-day ban. This short punishment even made audiences and followers more shocked because they thought she deserved more severe punishment.

Missbehavin 3
The streamer made a lot of audiences shocked when showing off her nude bottoms.
Missbehavin 4
She also revealed her body many times ago but it's not as shocking as this accident.
Missbehavin 5
Missbehavin often treats fans with many sexy and sultry pictures of hers.
Missbehavin 6
She is very confident to flaunt her sultry body shape.
Missbehavin 7
The streamer also has many hot bikini looks.
Missbehavin 8
Her 3-day ban is one of the most controversial topics about Twitch.
Missbehavin 10
Her bikini pictures often get a lot of attention.
Missbehavin 11
This streamer also makes many people fall in love with her sweet smiles.