An amusing news

Surprising as it may be, Capcom has been joining forces with Osaka Prefectural Police and the neighboring force. They have been working on many campaigns to raise awareness of crime prevention since 2013. However, this is the first time they actually feature characters from Capcom’s famous PC title, Street Fighter.

Street Fighter 03
Japanse police are in desperate need for new recruit

According to the announcement, they will put up a large number of commercials everywhere. 3000 flyers, 1000 posters will show up in police stations, police boxes, and train stations since July 2nd.

Fighting Pc Game 02
The poster features characters from Street Fighter

Official statements from Capcom said their main goal was to utilize the popularity of the game to catch people’s attention. Street Fighter is extremely famous in Japan to the point of becoming an Esports. The characters in the game will draw more attention from people of all ages and generations.

An iconic series

The iconic Street Fighter series has been around for over 30 years old. It has sold for 42 million copies as of March 2019 and has become a remarkable milestone for fighting games. Due to the title's popularity, it makes sense that the police force would want to use it for promotional materials. The latest game in the series, Street Fighter V, recently received an Arcade Edition update in 2018 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Fighting Pc Game 03
The game is so popular to the point of becoming an Esports

Street Fighters characters in the game will show up in advertisements to recruit police for the cyber-crime division. Online crimes have long been a prevailing problem in not just Japan but around the world. This is an attempt to bring in more investigators and specialists in the field.

Coming up with the plan, Japanese police look to build up their cyber force to deal with the problems in the society. Their online crime cases have been high since 2012.

Fighting Pc Game 01
The situation with Japan's cyber-crime

Will the campaign work out? We have yet to see if this is an innovation or a complete ridicule.