Last week, Final Fantasy VII’s director Tetsuya Nomura had an interview with Famitsu in which he talked about the character Tifa Lockhart from the game – more specifically, about her chest. During the interview, Nomura reportedly said he had been told by the ethics department of Square Enix to “restrict” or “constrict” the breast size of the character. Understandably, this has sparked lots of discussions. However, since the original interview was in Japanese, fans have been having controversial interpretation about what the director really meant.

Ff7 Tifa
Tetsuya Nomura discussed Tifa's breast size during a recent interview

According to what Twinfinite reported, the wording and context imply that “constrict” in this case refers to the design and tightness of Tifa’s clothes, not her actual breast size. Originally, “restrict” was understood as “shrink” by some people. However, popular YouTuber Gaijinhunter – famous for creating Monster Hunter-related content – has pointed out that this is not the case. As Twinfinite said, from the full context, it’s easy to assume that “restrict” in this case should instead have been interpreted as “squeeze” or “bind” – basically to secure or fasten something. You can check below to see another full translation of the interview done by Gaijinhunter:

So basically, Square Enix didn’t ask for Tifa to get smaller breasts, only proper clothing. And if you think about it, it makes sense for the character to wear a sports bra too. She does all sort of physical activities such as running, jumping, and fighting, and even if you are a man, you can probably imagine that not having a proper bra during those actions will be extremely uncomfortable and even painful, especially for someone as… blessed as Tifa.

Tifa Lockhart Final Fantasy Vii Artwork 1920x1080
Her breasts are not getting smaller, so you can rest easy

And yet despite the constructing garment, she very clearly still has very large breasts, which is a miracle given her low body-fat percentage. Of course, discussing what is or isn’t possible with a video game character is hardly the reasonable thing to do, but realistically speaking, the sports bra makes perfect sense.