Semiconductor company AMD, which is providing supplies for the PlayStation 5’s graphics chip, might have just revealed that the console will be coming in 2020. The information was reportedly let slip during the company’s Q1 2019 financial report.

AMD’s president Lisa Su said during the financial briefing that the company is “pleased” with the partnership with Sony to work on its next generation of consoles. She explains that the company’s semi-custom business “will return to a growth business for us in 2020 and beyond,” noting that this is “without talking about any specific customer.” However, this implies that the PlayStation 5 will come out in 2020, and thanks to that AMD will gain a big profit.

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Dr. Lisa Su, President & CEO of AMD

This is not the first clue that suggests that Sony’s next generation of console will launch in 2020. We know for a fact that it won’t be coming this year, and with rumors going about that Sony has given out PS5 developer kits to game developers so that they can make games prior to and after the console’s launch, 2020 makes the most sense.

Moreover, there are also speculations as to which games we’ll get to see when the PS5 launches. A voice actor accidentally revealed that a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn is currently under development, and it’ll likely be available for the PS5. Meanwhile, Mark Cerny from Sony has hinted that they might make Death Stranding a cross-generation title.

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A sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn is reportedly in the making

If Sony is indeed having plans to launch release the PS5 next year, then another question arises: When will the console be revealed to the public? The company is not attending E3 this year, but that doesn’t mean it won’t make a return to the event next year. Thus, right now, E3 2020 seems like the most logical guess.

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Will we see the PS5 announced at E3 2020?

Whenever Sony decides to announce its console, it likely doesn’t want its partners to slip out too much information before things are ready.