Back in the past, you can simply buy a finest smartphone with no more than 800 dollars. Today you must pay for more than 1000 dollar each, yet it’s not easy to replace the phone’s battery, not to mention other parts. This means you’ll have to get a new one in just a few years. In this case, budget smartphones will be the perfect choice for your finance and your communicative purposes.

If you’re worried about missing out all of smartphones’ coolest features once you choose budget smartphone, then don’t. You can surely experience the multiple cameras, increased memory system or finest display with the cheapest device. However, it’s quite hard to find out the most suitable budget smartphone, given that manufacturers always try to promote their most advanced product on the top of their catalogues. Rest easy, we have done all pickings, here is the list of 7 smartphones that are super finance-friendly for you.

1. Google Pixel 3a

Resolution: 2,220 x 1,080; Screen size: 5.6"; RAM: 4GB; CPU: Snapdragon 670; Storage: 64GB; Rear camera: 12.2 MP; Battery: 3,000mAh; OS: Android 9 Pie; Front cameras: 8MP; Weight: 5.19oz; Size: 5.96" x 2.76" x 0.32"


Although Google Pixel model has always been the flagship of the brand, the all-new Pixel 3A has a reasonable price at 400 dollars (its brother is the Pixel 3A XL, which costs $480, we don’t put it here cause it’s a little bit high). For 400 dollars, you will get a 2220 x 1080 OLED display, together with 64GB of internal storage, 4GB RAM armed with a Snapdragon 670 CPU. Comparing to the price, these things are decent, yet its camera is the biggest surprise for users, since it is comparable to Pixel 3’s camera, the best one you can purchase.

It also gives you a jack for headphone (I’m pretty sure you ain’t into those Bluetooth, wireless earbuds, given the fact that you don’t want to spend too much money). If you are in need of a cheaper phone than today hi-ends, and your wallet is not so thick, spending 400 dollars for Google Pixel 1A is quite a choice. Although there hasn’t been any review on it, it really seems like a nice product on paper.

2. Nokia 7.1

Resolution: 1,080 x 2,280; Screen size: 5.84"; CPU: Snapdragon 636; Storage: 64GB; RAM: 4GB; Battery: 3,060mAh; Front cameras: 5MP; Rear camera: 12 MP; OS: Android 9 Pie; Weight: 5.64oz; Size: 5.89" x 2.8" x 0.36"

Nokia 7 1 Hands On Impressions Review 13

Following years of producing the notorious Windows Phone for Microsoft, Nokia returned to the smartphone community with its new Android phone line. In the 400-dollar smartphone line, Nokia seems to have no opponent, with the latest release of Nokia 7.1 at 350 dollars. Nokia phones operate the newest version of Android: Android 9.0 (codename: “Pie”). Users will get updates for their phone regularly in 2 years, a great advantage at this range of price. Nokia 7.1 features a 5.8” 19:9 HDR LCD and a small top “dewdrop” notch for a smartphone with reasonable size.

Nokia 7.1 also gives you 64GB storage (additional memory card is available), a 4GB RAM, a Snapdragon 636 from Qualcomm, not to mention NFC technology for Google Pay. 7.1 has two cameras at rear (pretty awesome with this price), one jack for headphone as well. It can’t be comparable to Galaxy S10 or such, but with 350 dollars, you will surely be surprised with this phone’s performance.

3. Moto G7

Resolution: 1,080 x 2,270; Screen size: 6.2"; CPU: Snapdragon 632; Storage: 64GB; RAM: 4GB; Battery: 3,00mAh; Front camera: 8MP; Rear camera: 12MP (+ 5MP depth sensor); OS: Android 9 Pie; Weight: 6.07 oz; Size: 6.18" x 2.96" x 0.31"

Moto G7 Android Central 10

For an Android phone with reasonable price, Motorola is a good option for users as well. With 300 dollars, Motorola G7 grants you with a LCD (6.2”) screen, as well as a Snapdragon 632 CPU. It shares with Nokia 7.1 the internal memory up to 64GB, powered by 4GB RAM. However, it doesn’t have HDR display or NFC technology, and users may not get updates frequently.Honestly, 7.1 will be a better choice somehow, yet if you need to save to 50 dollars, G7 won’t let you down, with some sacrifices.

4. Moto G7 Power

Resolution: 720 x 1,570; Screen size: 6.2"; CPU: Snapdragon 632; Storage: 32GB; RAM: 4GB; Battery: 5,000mAh; Front cameras: 8MP; Rear camera:12MP; OS: Android 9 Pie; Weight: 6.81oz; Size: 6.28" x 2.99" x 0.37"

147020 Phones Review Review Motorola Moto G7 Power

Given the fact that G7 cannot surpass the Nokia 7.1 in some features, the Motorola G7 Power has a lot of similarity to the G7, yet armed with a very, very powerful battery capability. Significantly, G7’s battery is up to 5,000 mAh. Motorola declares that their phone can work constantly in two days! — with 50 dollars cheaper than the Moto G7. It possesses a bigger notch and reduces to 3GB RAM, still, think about it — strong battery for two days! With only 250 bucks, this phone is worth considering, for sure. (Its storage is 32GB only, but you can add a microSD card, so what?)

5. iPhone SE

Resolution: 640 x 1,136; Screen size: 4"; CPU: Apple A9; Storage: 32GB; RAM:2GB; Battery: 1,624mAh; Front cameras: 1.2MP; Rear camera: 12MP; OS: iOS 12.2; Weight: 3.99oz; Size: 4.87" x 2.31" x 0.30"

Dims 1

Although Apple isn’t famous for budget-friendly devices, we shouldn’t miss their iPhone SE, a popular choice for iFan with cheap, reasonable price. iPhone SE is the perfect combination between the capabilities of iPhone 6s and the design of iPhone 5s. You may think that SE’s hardware is a little bit ancient for the time, think it again. You are an Apple fan, and you can’t afford all those fancy iPhone Xs, Xs Max or Xr, even iPhone 8 or 7, spending 250 dollars for an iPhone SE is probably the best choice. To the older devices, iOS 12 grants them with remarkable increased speed, which makes them perfect for simple uses provided that you expect no durability from those devices in the long run.

6. Nokia 6.1

Resolution: 1,080 x 1,920; Screen size: 5.5"; CPU: Snapdragon 630; Storage: 32GB; RAM: 3GB; Battery: 3,000mAh; Front cameras: 8MP; Rear camera: 16MP; OS: Android 9 Pie; Weight: 6.07oz; Size: 5.86" x 2.98" x 0.32"

8 Nokia 6 1 2018 1

You are into Nokia products but you can’t afford 7.1? Don’t worry ‘cause the 200 – dollar 6.1 will help you, with similar constant update from Android like the 7.1. This Nokia’s phone doesn’t have NFC tech or multi-cams, with a quite low quality of the camera (we are focusing on price remember?). Internally, there is a Snapdragon 630 CPU, powered by 3GB RAM and a storage of 32GB (upgradable to 256GB by using microSD memory card). Nokia also reduces the screen for this model, which focuses on utilizing the traditional aspect 16:9 display, with zero notch and bezels on both bottom and top of the phone.

7. Alcatel 1X Go Edition

Resolution: 480 x 960; Screen size: 5.3"; CPU: Mediatek MT6739; Storage: 16GB; RAM: 1GB; Battery: 2,460mAh; Front cameras: 5MP; Rear camera:8MP; OS: Android 8.1 Oreo; Weight: 5.33oz; Size: 5.81" x 2.78" x 0.36"

Alcatel 1x

Well, look at the reality. If you want the phone to be cheaper than 100 bucks, things get much harder. These kinds of super budget-friendly phones are seriously, really slow. It’s not easy to digest the phone’s weak, ugly cameras and screen. Just like most 100-dollar phones, Alcatel 1X has fingerprint recognition, somehow makes your phone more secured. Seriously, Motorola’s E5 released last year is a much, much better, not to mention a perfect choice, if you can spend for 30 dollars more. Yet, I am a perfectionist, so yes: it’s possible to get a phone with less than $100, it can work. But don’t expect too high.