Donate is often the main income of streamers. Many streamers earn get rich thanks to great sums of donations from viewers if they make attractive content. The beautiful streamer Sally also earns over Rs. 1 crore this month from donations.

Sexy Streamer Earns Over Rs. 1 Crore This Month

Sally is a beautiful streamer on Afreeca TV. She is pretty famous in Korea thanks to her beautiful appearance. Sally earns Rs. 1 crore this month from donations in the live-stream. It encourages a lot of young people to pursue this job.

Sally 1
Sally has a sexy and hot body shape with super sultry boobs.
Sally 2
She often wears low-cut neckline shirts to reveal her sexy cleavage.
Sally 3
Besides, the beautiful streamer also looks charming in this white dress.
Sally 4
Although her content is not highly-estimated, she still attracts a lot of audiences in her broadcasts.
Sally 5
Moreover, the streamer also got a lot of donations from her viewers.
Sally 6
In specific, Sally earned over 1.63 crore Kwon that equals 1 crore INR in her live-stream on Afreeca TV this month.
Sally 7
It means that she earns over 1.1 lakh INR per hour on live-stream which is an impressive number.
Sally 8
Then, Sally became the most-earning streamer on Afreeca TV in February 2021.
Sally 9
A lot of people think that she does not deserve it because her content is not very interesting and attractive.
Sally 10
All she does on the live-stream is wearing revealing outfits to flaunt her sexy body shape and sultry boobs.
Sally 11
However, it's undeniable that Sally has a more impressive and attractive appearance than many other streamers.
Sally 17
In addition, Sally also has a pretty face, sweet smile, and white silky skin.
Sally 12
The combination of a sexy body shape and sweet face makes Sally very famous in the Korean live-stream community.
Sally 13
She often posts a lot of sexy looks of her on Instagram to treat fans.

Here are some most stunning and worth-looking pictures of her on Instagram. Just take a look.

Sally 14

Sally 15

Sally 16