The famous young billionaire of China Wang Si-Cong has just made his name go viral again by his generosity at the wedding of his friend – the former Dota pro gamer Wu "2009" Sheng: he just gave a brand new Roll Royce as a wedding gift for the newlywed couple.

Young billionaire Wang Si-Cong

Wang Si-Cong is the only son of the 2015 richest man in China, and he has been known all over the world for his craziness in spending money and his contributions to the Chinese esports industry. He is the owner of the Invictus Gaming esports organization. The League of Legends (LoL) team of IG was the champion of 2018 LoL World Championship.

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IG winning the 2018 LoL World Championship

After having rewarded a lot of money for the IG team for the victory, Wang Si-Cong has made people surprised by his spending habits for his friends. The ex Dota pro gamer Wu "2009" Sheng just got married with his wife – MC Ge Xiao Yun and Wang Si-Cong is the best man for Wu "2009" Sheng in his wedding. And the wedding gift from Wang Si-Cong for his friend is a classy red Roll Royce, which is about 1 million USD – nearly Rs 70 million.

Wu "2009" Sheng and his wife MC Ge Xiao Yun

Wu "2009" Sheng and his wife MC Ge Xiao Yun

Wu "2009" Sheng and his wife MC Ge Xiao Yun

Wang Si-Cong’s friend - Wu "2009" Sheng is a millionaire in China himself. He was born in 1987 and played Dota professionally from 2007 to 2009. After that, he retired and became a Dota commentator. He also opened his own business on Taobao and a channel on Youku (video website similar to Youtube). Both of these businesses by Wu "2009" Sheng are really successful, which result in Wu "2009" Sheng becoming a millionaire himself.

Wu "2009" Sheng’s wedding with MC Ge Xiao Yun took place on March 23th in Shang Hai, and with the brand new red Roll Royce, every citizen in Shang Hai had to keep an eye on this wedding. You can check out some pictures of the happy couple and the wedding down here.

The wedding

The wedding

Vuong Tu Thong 06
Wang Si-Cong giving the key of the Roll Royce for the newlywed couple

Vuong Tu Thong 07
The 1 million US dollar Roll Royce

All eyes on the $1 million Roll Royce