Shayene “shAy” Victorio, a former CS Pro on the Brazilian Counter-Strike Circuit, was just sentenced a 116 years sentence for fraud. According to reports, she ran an online shop between 2013 and 2017, selling various trinkets and goods. The 116 years was from the 118 separated charges from customers who had not received the goods they bought on her shop.

Shay Reproducao Instagram
Victorio when she was playing competitively

Despite the fact that she was sentenced, Victorio is not yet arrested. Because of Brazil’s legal system, she would be able to appeal for the sentence before getting brought into police custody. Jail time would only begin after all appeal chances were declined. She would not have to serve all 116 years, however, according to Brazil’s law, the maximum time that a person can serve is only thirty years, no matter the length of the sentence originally.

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Victorio was a veteran in the Counter-Strike esports scene, with her debut being 12 years ago in 2008. Despite being a woman, her passion and effort have brought her into the ranks of pioneers on the scene of the country. She retired from professional play last year and since then, Victorio has been making money through streaming and Instagram.


She later informs her fans on Instagram that she has not been arrested and that won’t be happening in the future. She explains that this problem was caused by her ex-husband and the guy will take all responsibilities. This charge would definitely affect her career as a streamer and her standing in the Counter-Strike community, however.

According to a Brazillian news site, Victorio’s lawyer has issued a statement explaining this issue of business administration, with further clarification about the site’s over ten thousand successful deliveries and sales. He also pressed an unfair defamation charge to appeal the sentence. Overall, there should be something wrong with the situation, as 116 years is too much for just a simple case of misdeliveries.