Remember when people joked that Fortnite is full of 12 years old kids. While that seems like an overstatement but there is, in fact, a 12 years old kid is playing as a professional Fortnite gamer for Faze Clan. It turned out that the Fortnite pro H1ghSky1 signed with Faze Clan when he was 11 years old (one month before his 12th birthday).

The case emerged during the drama between Turner “Tfue” Tenney and Faze Clan last week. In Tenney’s legal complaint, he and his lawyer revealed that Faze lied about the kid's age, saying that he was 13 and force him and family to keep this secret. This is a  direct violation of the Labor Code.

Faze H1ghsky1 Wiki
A Fortnite pro at the age of 12

Using the evidence from the social media post of his parents, we can tell that H1ghSky1 was only 5 years old in 2012. Her mother wished him a happy fifth birthday in a post on social media in April 2012. H1ghSky1's real name is Patrick, who is still 12 at the moment. His Twitch channel has been banned due to a Twitch policy that “by downloading, installing, or otherwise using the Twitch Services, you represent that you are at least 13 years of age.” Until now, Faze Clan still hasn't given out any response to the case yet.

His Twitch channel has been taken down due to his age

Now, we can tell for sure that H1ghSky1 won't be back in at least a year from now, not on stream or in the tournaments. H1ghSky1 has won thousands of dollar from official Fortnite tournament while the competitor's minimum age of Epic is 13. So basically Faze Clan broke the rule of many tournaments they joined. A representative of Epic spoke about this matter:

We won't see this kid play in the upcoming tournament in at least a year

This is definitely not good news for Faze Clan, their position on the leaderboard will sure hurt a lot. As for H1ghSky1, being under 13 is troublesome as he can not be a partnered Twitch streamer, streaming on Youtube without a parent in the video, nor competing in Fortnite events. He currently has more than 400,000 followers on Twitch and over 800,000 subscribers on Youtube.