Though it is expected that Epic Games would have a productive start this 2019 due to its fruitful outcome last year, its current revenue is telling the other thing.


Fortnite’s success in 2018 was unprecedented since Fornite reached 2.4 billion in revenue, making it “the most annual revenue of any game in history”

On February 22, SuperData, a leading provider of playable media and digital games market intelligence, released a report on Worldwide Digital Games Market in January 2019. Fortnite: Battle Royale is revealed to have a decrease in month-over-month revenue for 48 percent across all platforms. However, the declining status is only on the month-over-month revenue since the “sales are still up significantly year-over-year”. This is well-explained due to the fact that Fortnite hit its peak last December. According to Sensor Tower, the game generated US$69 million in revenue on Apple’s mobile operating system alone in that holiday month. This means an 83-percent increase over November’s revenue. In 2018, Fortnite was named the highest earning free game of the year with a revenue of US$2.4 billion.


According to the report, Fornite players spent the US $8.4 billion on digital games in January

For the big picture, Nielsen’s SuperData research firm stated that digital game spending in all over the world decreased on Mobile, PC, and Console. While PC had the biggest drop off of any platform for 29 percent, console titles also witnessed a sales decline by 3 percent.

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate also saw a sharp sales decline. “We estimate that Super Smash Bros. digital units were down 83% from December, indicating that sales were more front-loaded than usual, as well as closely linked to Switch hardware purchases during the holiday season.”

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online had the same outcome due to the decline of MAU levels.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sales fell greatly month-over-month because new players had a lower conversion for in-game spending.