If you think you have played or at least heard of all the good adventure game, you should recalibrate your expectation. Here are 4 great titles released last year that you may have not tried:

Unforeseen Incidents

Unforeseenincidents 8
You are on a mission to save your town

In this game, you play as a handyman living in a town that people are infected with a lethal virus. His encounter with a woman who was close to death has forced him to go on a journey looking for answers to save his town.

His endeavor involves meeting a lot of new people who have with them not only answers but also more questions.

The Gardens Between

Oversized hanging TV

The game starts with Arina and Frendt, who are bosom friends, finding themselves in a surreal world with islands covered in gardens.

What sets The Garden Between apart is its excellent visual. Advancing further into the game and you will see oversized TV or couches on rock faces. Both the world and these things embody what Arina and Frendt remember. Each of them has special abilities that you take advantage of to solve puzzles.


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You were possessed by demons

RPG and point-and-click combine to great effect, making this game truly fascinating.

The game starts with you, a man or a woman who was possessed by demons and does not remember a thing you have done when it was inside you. You later meet with the Unvowed, a force that specialized in supernatural cases. Depend on who you pick to do missions with, the conversations and puzzles will change accordingly.


Eastshade Watchtower2
Eastshade's world is absolutely stunning

Eastshade looks a lot like Elder Scroll but your mission here is entirely different. You play as an artist who suffered a shipwreck and then you will explore the surrounding landscape and paint them.

This game focuses heavily on conversations and observation. The world around you is stunning, which helps a lot since you have to paint it. All you have to do to “paint” is to move the frame around, like when you use a camera.