Based on an interview of HBO’s boss, Casey Bloys, it is revealed that the long-awaited prequel for Game of Thrones would be released in 2022. House of the Dragon would focus on the Targaryen dynasty, which was already destroyed by the time of the main series.

The last season of Game of Thrones, the best TV series on HBO, was released a few months ago. Due to various bad directions and poor planning, it was widely regarded as a failure. The reason behind this issue is pretty much the lack of book contents, as author G.R.R Martin has been devoting all his attention to writing the prequel books instead.

It is very likely that the series would revolve around the original Targaryen's conquest of Westeros

House of the Dragon was given an automatically order right after GoT season 8 ended, back in October. The show would be controlled by Ryan Condal and the author himself, with Miguel Sapochnik, director for Game of Thrones, working on the position of Executive Producer. The author would probably play more of an advisory role, as the pilot and a lot of the episodes would be directed by Sapochnik. The series would be available on both HBO and its streaming service, HBO Max.

Various famous events referenced in the show would be shown as well, such as the burning of Harrenhal

In the interview, Bloys also revealed the reason why Jane Goldman’s spinoff “The Longest Night” did not get picked off, even after a big-budget pilot was produced. The problem with that project is that it does not have any source material – everything in the story would have to be made up from scratch, based very loosely on G.R.R Martin’s world and settings. While the prequel House of the Dragon was only a few hundred years ago, with a roadmap and event script readily available, Longest Night did not have anything.

Looks like HBO is trying to milk the Game of Thrones franchise for all its worth before discarding. House of the Dragon’s sourcebook, “Fire and Blood”, was released in 2018. Interested in more of our articles related to TV shows? Please check out this post for more information related to The Witcher Netflix.