Going to Reddit to discuss video game is always a usual habit for many of us. Some even go deeper to many specific subreddit which greatly extend the subject. One subreddit of such is r/games, it has always retained a high reputation for its highly serious conversation. Follow the comments of the users about this subreddit, they all use it to make actual serious dialogue about games and gaming news. It is not for those funny videos and memes about video games. On the April 1st, r/games' moderator has announced that they will take advantage of the anticipation of many expectant audiences to send a serious message on the April Fools' Day to the community.

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April Fools' Day but the closing of r/games was not a fool

The message

First, they disclaimed that this is not a joke on April Fools' Day.  They wrote in the post that: "This April Fool’s, we decided to take things a little more seriously and shed some light on a growing, pervasive issue. The ones that have affected the community of r/Games and gaming communities as a whole,".

Then they continue to give some examples that the moderators have encountered in the discourse in the past time. They also said that this is not a good way for the community because it is harming itself because of the worst actors. According to the post, we would become more and more insular if we show the disdain or even straight rejecting the minority in our communities. With those actions, we lose our chance to express our compassion to the minorities and also the chance to grow own community vertically. It doesn't matter that it is racism, homophobia, misogyny,  transphobia or any other discrimination practices. This is the chance to prevent them become the norms.

Gaming News Subreddit Closed On April 1st To Preve
Video Game Meme.

The core problem

The core problem here has become much bigger than a normal size issue. The leadership team of the subreddit has witnessed it slowly become more and more acceptable for people to demonize others for their nationality, ethnicity, race, gender and sexual identity. And by removing the comments seems to have little to no effect to stop the issue keeps on coming back.

The post also concluded that this issue is much larger than what is happening on r/games. We need the joined effort of all the stakeholders to put a real stop to it.

Therefore, they closed the community for the 1st of April and then opened it back in that evening. This campaign, by the way, has gathered lots of supporting and resenting from other subreddits.