Mother and daughter, aged 74 and 52 respectively, were traveling from Greece to their native Armenia. So far, nothing out of the ordinary. But when they stopped at the Munich air terminal in Germany, the trip turned out to be quite macabre.

Woman Traveling With Husband Remains Arrested At Germany Airport
It's not as normal as it looks

The authorities detained the woman who was traveling with her husband's remains in her suitcase at the airport. As their luggage was going through customs and being X-rayed, the officers saw what looked like human bones and proceeded to question the travelers.

The customs officers sounded the alarm and officers from the police inspection at Munich Airport and their colleagues from the federal police of Germany arrived on the scene to question the pair. A doctor was also briefly involved to examine the origins of the bones.

After the doctor had confirmed the human origin of the bones, the federal police took the owners of the luggage to the police station. And it was there that the story was revealed to be not as creepy as it initially sounded.

The unidentified 74-year-old woman explained that the remains belonged to her late husband, who died in 2008 and was buried in the vicinity of Thessaloniki, Greece. So now she was moving the remains of the corpse to Armenia so his final resting place can be his country of birth.

Along with the explanation, the women showed documents issued by the Greek authorities confirming their statements, as well as a death certificate. According to the local press in Germany, having not found any criminal evidence related to the situation, the German authorities allowed the women to continue their journey to Armenia, along with the human remains.

Woman Traveling With Husband Remains Arrested At Germany Airport
What the customs officers saw in the luggage. You can clearly make out the skull of the late husband

Although, even if everything here checks out, you can start wondering how he became a skeleton back in 2008 in the first place. That's another potentially creepy revelation that we wouldn't get to find out.

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