An Indian man was evicted from home because he brought home a “wife” from the market. His mother sent him out to buy groceries. But instead of bringing home food, he returned with a wife. This interesting story occurred amid the coronavirus lockdown in India. Check out this story here with

The Indian Man Brought Home A Wife From The Market

Recently, an elder citizen in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India reported to the policemen about her son’s incident. She sent her son to the market for groceries. However, he returned home with a wife instead of food. He even claimed in front of his family that the strange woman was his wife.

It made his old mother seriously shocked. He even left his mother jaw-dropping by saying that they got married and lived together as husband and wife in secret. His mother abandoned and evicted him from the house. She said she couldn’t understand why her son brought home a wife from the market instead of groceries. The mother said she could not accept his wedding. 

Guddu And Savita The Newly Wed Couple In The Story
Guddu And Savita The Newly Wed Couple In The Story

In fact, Guddu, 26 years old, the Indian man in the story held a secret wedding with his wife two months ago in Haridwar city. The newly-wed couple is waiting to get the marriage certificate after the lockdown is over. They said they couldn’t get the certificate due to the country lockdown. Guddu also said he decided to return to Haridwar but the coronavirus outbreak stopped him. 

His Mother Was Angry
His mother was very angry when her son brought home a wife

Savita, Guddu’s wife, was asked to leave her rented house in Delhi. That’s why Guddu decided to take her to his house. But it made his mother angry and sent them out of his house. To solve the problem for Guddu and his wife, the authority had to ask the house renter to allow Guddu and Savita to stay.