If you live in India and often use a bus or train, as well as Google Maps, to get around, then you are about to receive some useful, timely features. With billions of people using its navigating app to commute every day, the tech giant is working to deliver a more reliable and accurate experience.

In 10 major cities across the country including Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Mysore, Mumbai, Pune, and Surat, Google Map users will be able to see bus travel times with live traffic taken into account, live train status for Indian Railways trains, as well as commute suggestions that now include both auto-rickshaw and other means of public transport.

Google Maps India Transit A
Traffic will now be taken into account when calculating ETA

If you want to reach a destination in one of the aforementioned cities and need to use a bus to get there, Google Maps will now calculate the local traffic at that very moment and show the amount of delay you should expect. The ETA will be displayed in green if your bus is on time and in red if it’s delayed.

Meanwhile, if you are taking long-distance trains through India Railways, the app will allow you to track your trains in real time and see if any of them will be late, all inside its interface. This feature was made in collaboration with Where is My Train, an app that Google acquired back in 2018.

Google Maps India Transit D
You can see if your trains are delayed

Google Maps is now also recommending auto-rickshaws in cities like Bangalore and Delhi for medium-length journeys that are too far to walk. This feature is planned to come to more cities in the near future.

Google Maps India Transit E
Auto-rickshaws will be included in Google Map's public transport interface

Of course, all of these will not be 100% accurate as the situations on the roadways are constantly changing. Still, overall they are nice additions that will undoubtedly give Indians more tools to better manage their time between commutes.