Google just released its own service of game streaming with the name of Stadia for multiplatform during the GDC (Game Developers Conference) a few days ago. This new service will allow you to play your favorite game on any device with a screen and internet connection like computers, tablets, smartphones, and TVs.

Coming for the gaming industry

Google's VPs Majd Bakar and Phil Harrison then went on to discuss further details about this new move. They mentioned that this new service will be deeply integrated into YouTube. That also means that people could not only play but also watch games. The new Stadia platform would allow Google to stay as a major player in the gaming industry in the future. From the statement of Google, we know that the 1st generation of the platform will have the specs tuned to the maximum of 60fps, 4K with HDR and, and this can be further upgraded according to customer's demands. The server will send a stream to your YouTube but it is up to you to decide if your gameplay is logged or not. If you stream your game, others could go in and watch it too.

Googles Stadia Will Supports Internet As Slow As 1
The new controller from Google

Next, at the event, Google also has explained how the new Stadia controller will work with your TV over the Chromecast. The Stadia controller with it build-in Wifi will connect directly to the server to handle game input while Chromecast is in charge of audio, video, networking. The controller will also feature a microphone for the embedded Google Assistant and maybe voice chat.

As of right now, Google states that they are focused on working on Chromecast for smart TV, but technically Stadia would work wherever YouTube does.

What do you need in order to use Stadia?

The list of Stadia's requirements is relatively short as you only need a Google account and an internet connection of 15Mbps or more to use the service. No matter which device you use, Goole promises a 5 seconds loading time and your whole gaming experience will be liberated from hardware constraints. But unfortunately Stadia will not support transferring games from other platforms, so you will have to buy your games on Stadia again, even if you already own them on Steam or other services.

Googles Stadia Will Supports Internet As Slow As 1

Google is planning to launch Stadia this year in the UK, Europe, Canada, and the US while pricing will be released later. Moreover, the company has also established its own gaming studio names Stadia Games and Entertainment. The giant is serious about its gaming market.