Season 8 of Game of Thrones is out now with 2 episodes. We have seen 2 fan ships fulfilled, the comeback of the direwolf Ghost, what Gendry's made for Arya, and Qyburn giving Bronn a crossbow. A lot has happened and there come some of the most interesting theories. So while waiting for what to come next week, why don't we spend a few minutes discussing some of them?

The 2nd ep went on a little bit slow but is a necessary break before a foreseeable intensive battle in the 3rd ep. The fact that it's giving out a lot of new theories with the plot just makes everyone confused to predict what will happen next with our characters. But that's what makes the show so exciting to watch, isn't it?

No further ado, let's jump in some of the current fascinating theories out there.

Podrick's and Pippin's songs

Podrick And Pippin 1

Some will notice a familiarity in the scene where Podrick sings before the battle, which reminds us of a similar situation when Pippin sings to Denethor when his son Faramir and his knights went into a suicide fight in front of Gondor's gate in Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

This can be a hint of what's going to happen in the next ep, it probably happens the same and the show will kill off some of our beloved characters in a tragic battle. So while the tragedy hasn't come yet, we hope it's just a coincidence.

Foreshadowed Deaths

Jorah Mormont

Believe it or not, there're usually signs when a character is about to die. This is logically true since killing to a character when they can no longer develop in term of plot is a stone that kills 2 birds: end the character's role, and create a strong feeling for the audiences. For instance, Missandei or Grey Worm probably won't survive the battle since they are planning for the future, which is too good to happen.

A double death sign appears as both Lyanna and Samwell wish luck to Jorah before the battle. It will be a miracle if Jorah Mormont finally survives.

Another death sign for characters shows up when those characters have finished their functions in the general plot. If that ever happened, it's likely that the character is done, literally and figuratively.

Theon Greyjoy is a great example. Now that he's done with his redemption, the reclamation, get along with everyone, his mission in the plot is done and so is himself. He can't be developed anymore so a noble death would be a great end. The same can be applied to Brienne as well.

The "Night King is not stupid" theory

There's a theory which says that the Night King won't be lured by our heroes. Instead, he won't even join the army that's gonna attack Winterfell but rather choose another place to attack: King's Landing.

This theory was come up by a Redditor, who used Dany's and Bran's visions to reinforce his theory. It's possible that the Night King will avoid facing Dany's dragons, especially if the dragon shadow appearing at King's Landing is of Viserion.

What we see in Dany's vision is the Iron Throne covered in snow. This indicates a horrible thing: our heroes will face a deadly army of White Walkers from King's Landing, led by the Night King, who then occupies the Iron Throne.

The mysterious conversation

Tyrion And Bran

Deliberately cutting details and scenes is a great way to make the audiences more curious about the next events. This happened in the middle of the ep when they cut out the conversation between Tyrion and Bran about the Wall's beyond and the 3-eyed Raven. It's the showrunner's intention to hide what was discussed and revealed to Tyrion from us. Nevertheless, it's just a way to make us more eager to watch and gradually figure out everything at the last minute. Or who knows, maybe they simply cut it out to save time.

While being with Jon in Winterfell's crypts, Dany was revealed that he is also a Targaryen, who is actually higher in line to the Iron Throne. And while both of the characters were too confused to say anything, they heard the 3-blast horn sound, leaving the situation unsolved. We are left to unknown what Dany will react. Will she be unselfish and make a concession, or betray Jon after all?

We have logical supports that this scene will finally affect how the battle turns out, otherwise the producers would have left it until after the battle. So remember this and keep an eye on Daenery's behaviors in the next ep, as watching her internal conflict will be as interesting as watching how Jon will react to each choice that she can make.

The crypts are a deadly place (literally)

Winterfell Crypts

The crypts of the Winterfell is a hideout for those who are not supposed to fight the battle. But since the enemy may be the Night King, this can be a disaster.

The whole place is literally full of corpses, and if the enemy has a not very wholesome idea, they can use the power to wake up the dead to create a zombie army threatening everyone inside. This was evidently shown in the trailer when Arya runs in panic and Daenerys mentioning about the dead are "already here" - what a suspicious sign.

Good news is that Ned will have less chance to join this apparent zombie army since he is beheaded, but Rickon will sure freak everyone out if this becomes true.