The coronavirus outbreak has caused the need for many medical items such as face mask, hand gel, thermometer increase. While authorities and the media were telling people not to buy more than they need for the sake of everyone, some people bought thousands of those items just to resell them online on Amazon with a ridiculous price and make profits out of this coronavirus pandemic. Luckily, Amazon has quickly grabbed this situation and immediately ban them, leaving these greedy people a huge loss and tons of products they can't sell.

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Colvin and his piles of hand gel, sterilized tissue in his garage

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Matt and Noah Colvin brothers have been driving through towns and buy every single hand gel, sterilized tissue they can find in Walmart, grocery stores since the start of March when America had the first coronavirus death. After their 2000 km trip from Tennessee to Kentucky, they started to post pictures of their product online to sell them on Amazon.

Even though the price of these products is much more expensive than usual, up to $70 each, their first 300 hand gels sold out quickly. In February, Colvin also stockpiled 2000 face masks with a price of $3.5 each and has sold all them on Amazon for a price of $50 each on Amazon. Of course, these 2 bothers were not the only people who were trying to do this, which caused a major problem for normal consumers.

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Thanks to the reports of many users on Amazon, the company has quickly responded to the situation and banned every single account who are selling overpriced medical products and encourages users to report these people. eBay even did a stronger move as they banned all the selling activities of face mask and hand gel in America. Now, Colvin is being investigated by the state government while keeping this precious treasure of 17,700 products in his house. I guess this man won't ever have to worry about not having hand gel for the rest of his life from now on.

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