Covid-19 is spreading out quickly around the world. It has caused over 92 thousand positive cases and around 3,200 deaths in more than 77 countries. The number of coronavirus-positive cases hasn’t stopped rising. In India, there are 28 confirmed cases in many places nationwide. Here are some steps you must do now to prevent Covid-19 spread in your workplace. 

Keep Yourself Safe In Office

The office can be a spreading environment for this epidemic where there are lots of people working together and contacting in close range. So, it’s important to prevent this deadly virus from spreading out among those people and keep employees safe. 

Prevent Covid 19 Spread
Preventing Covid-19 Spread In Work Place Is Important

WHO and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have listed out some strategies to prevent Covid-19 spread in offices. They warned that this deadly virus can spread when an infected one coughs or breezes, It spreads through droplets landing on the used surfaces and objects, such as desks, telephones, keyboards, and PC screens.

Prevent Coronavirus Spread At Workplace
Prevent Coronavirus Spread At Workplace

Keep Your Workplace Clean

To keep your workplace clean, you need to clean your desks, laptops, mouses, phones, PC, etc. It’s important to keep your stationery and devices clean. According to the experts, the virus Covid -19 can live on those surfaces for hours. 

Clean Your Workplace Regularly
Clean Your Workplace Regularly

Use Disposable Wipes, Sanitizers and Hand Rubs. 

CDC advises people to use disposable wipes to clean the surfaces regularly. Before touching a public surface, you can use wipes to clean it. Then, clean your hands after touching surfaces or before eating. Disposable wipes are useful and convenient. Moreover, bring sanitizers and hand rubs with you to wash your hand regularly. 

Use Hand Sanitizers
Use Hand Sanitizer

Communication And Declaration 

If you have any symptoms of infection, you should tell your colleagues and managers. Then, go to see a doctor for a health check and do other quarantine steps. Moreover, you should inform your colleagues to let them know and have health checks. 

Wear A Mask In The Workplace
Wear A Mask In The Workplace

Moreover, you should limit handshake and wear a mask to prevent the virus spread and infection.