Fame doesn’t always go with the positive things, especially for any beautiful streamer or YouTuber. The latest incident of hot YouTuber Yuri must be one of such examples. Accordingly, she has just revealed one of her harassing text messages. It worth mentioning that according to Yuri’s post, the sender turned out to be a high school student - that means he is just 15 years old.


To get more specific, the beautiful YouTuber Yuri has recently worked as a hard photo model on Instagram. She rocks the Internet due to her lovely Korean face and sexy body, and after a short time, she has rapidly attracted more than 9 lakhs fans on her private pages and many social networks.


Yuri Model

However, not all of what she receives are love messages or admiration. A few days ago, our YouTuber suddenly received a harassing text message. That’s not enough because she even got more surprised to realize that this message came from a high school student. Feeling insulted, Yuri immediately uploaded it on her private page.


Sorry Message

Accordingly, the netizens were shocked at her post “You are a high school student” along with the above message. The writer gave a series of vulgar questions to the hot girl from her big boobs to her sexual relationship. It was obvious that Yuri didn’t feel happy at all with his thoughts.

Hot Girl

It’s not surprising that the YouTuber sent a threatening message saying that she had sent this harassing message and his profile to a lawyer. She also warned that she should soon contact with his parents and school. And he should wait to pay a fine right now.

Beautiful Youtuber

Yuri Youtuber

And right after that, Yuri posted the reaction of the bad guy after he read her reply. Accordingly, he appeared to feel extremely scared and afraid of whether he could face legal responsibility or be caught by his parents. He continued to say sorry. He also said that he was unable to pay the fine and wished she forgave him.

At present, Yuri hasn’t revealed whether she forgave him or not but at least, she received lots of sympathy and cheers-up from the netizens.

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