Haru is a beautiful and sexy Afreeca TV streamer in Korea. She is pretty famous in the Korean mainstream thanks to her beauty. However, the beautiful girl is facing a ban for revealing her underwear in a sexy dance in her recent live-stream.

Haru Faced A Ban Due To Revealing Underwear In Sexy Dance

A lot of beautiful girls are working as streamers to earn fame and wealth. They have many ways to attract viewers and followers, including sexy dance performances.

Haru Sexy Dance 2
Haru performed a sexy dance in a short dress
Haru 22
Beautiful Korean streamer Haru

The streamer Haru is also a sexy streamer on Afreeca TV who is pretty renowned in Korea. She had a lot of followers and fans on her channel.

Haru Sexy Dance
She attracted a lot of audiences

During a recent live-stream, Haru danced and shook her body in the music. She even revealed her underwear by accident because her dress was too short.

She Revealed Her Underwear Accidentally
The Streamer Revealed Her Underwear Accidentally

Moreover, the short bodycon dress also flaunted many sultry curves on her body and many cuts that revealed her big boobs and slim waist delicately.

She Fixed The Mistake Right Away
She Fixed The Dress Right Away
But The Short Skirt Made Her Repeat That Mistakes
But The Short Skirt Made Her Repeat That Mistakes For Many Times 

Although Haru pushed her dress down straight away, the sexy dress was so short that it repeatedly revealed her underwear.

Haru 24

The sexy dance performance of her made the view count fly in an eyeblink.

Haru 23

The streamer has a lot of followers on social media platforms, such as Instagram. She often posted many stunning looks of her to treat and keep in contact with over 56k followers of her on this photo sharing platform.

Haru 21

The beautiful is also runs a YouTube channel with more than 1.11 lakh subscribers. Besides, it's not the first time the beautiful YouTuber performed a sexy dance.

Haru 20

Here are some beautiful looks of her on Instagram. Just take a look.

Haru 19

Haru 18

Haru 17

Haru 16

Haru 15

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Haru 2

Haru 3

Haru 4

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Haru 6

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