The whole T-Series and Pewdiepie battle, which has cost us so much time, is showing signs of ending. Perhaps it is time Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg gave up his “King of Youtube” title for the Bollywood entertainment corporation.

T Series Finally Defeats Pewdiepie
Pewdiepie lost?

T-Series surpassed PewDiePie on March 26th, taking the lead by 3,600 subscribers. This figure quickly grew into 8,000, then 10,000 subs, causing panic among PewDiePie’s fanbase.

After some back and forth, up and down (you can see it like the stock market), T-Series took another massive lead on March 27, and now the lead just keeps getting larger and larger.

It is not like Pewdiepie’s channel does not have any more subscribers, but the number of subscribers of T-Series is going up with the speed of rocket launching into the sky. While the reason for T-Series’ victory is still currently a mystery, we have to admit the fact that a lot of video by T-Series lately got a lot of views, like the trailer for the movie ‘PM Narendra Mori' went viral, getting over five million views in under 16 hours.

If you are still wondering why T-Series can take down the “King of Youtube”, please remember that India is the second most crowded country in the world. With more and more Indian citizens getting the internet connection, thanks to low data prices by mobile network provider Jio, online Indian people will look for Youtube channel suitable with their music tastes. And it seems like T-Series is providing real Indian music videos and movies

582574 Reliancejio
Jio maybe the reason why T-Series can win over Pewdiepie

Yes, the battle between these two huge Youtube channels will not see the end soon, since the battle now becomes the race to see which channel hit the 100 million subscriber milestone first. Pewdiepie is still having some advantages in the race: huge fanbase all over the world, helps from famous celebrities and even helps from hackers. But T-Series is much more likely to win the race because Indian people going online more and more. And pretty sure T-Series will be the first Youtube channel being subscribed by new Indian users.