The running of the Netflix series The Witcher is bringing positive impacts not only for the series itself but also for the whole franchise by ramping up the number of concurrent players trying The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Steam last weekend.

We could not deny the significant roles of the lead actor - Henry Cavill starring Geralt of Rivia to bring this series to this level of success. However, not many people know that in order to deliver the best images of Geralt to the viewers, Henry Cavill almost risked his eyes in exchange for his phenomenal actings!

Henry Cavill almost blind himself in the filming progress

The Witcher's main actor - Henry Cavill recently revealed in an interview that he had some serious issues with his eyes after playing Geralt in Netflix's The Witcher. His passion for portraying the character was so high that he didn't follow the recommendation from instructors, and almost risk his eyes permanently damaged in the progress.

To be more specific, Cavill has to wear color-changing eye contacts to match the color of Geralt's eyes. He was warned not to wear the contacts for more than three hours at a time, or the actor will experience some major issues with his eyes. However, not all of the time the star followed that instruction, and that has almost resulted in losing his eyes.

Henry Cavill Amost Blind Eye Contacts The Witcher
Henry Cavill has to wear eye contacts to change his eye's color on the screen to honey topaz

Explaining the mechanics behind this scenario, the eye contacts cover the eyes and suffocate any incoming oxygen to them. It's just like what will happen to us without breathing - for a short duration, that doesn't matter too much, but if our eyes are suffocated for too long, the lack of oxygen will cause irreversible damage over time. The duration, as recommended, is three hours.

But as you've known, one filming session can even last for a day, especially for high-scale high-budget projects like The Witcher. So, it's very dangerous to keep filming as Cavill has done.

Henry Cavill Amost Blind Eye Contacts The Witcher
The actor has embraced his all to the movie series

The volcanic dust also contributed to Henry Cavill's problem

That's already terrible enough, but Henry Cavill has to suffer from other factors as well. The filming location of The Witcher was on the Canary Islands, where there is a lot of volcanic dust. It kept getting behind his contact and his eyes, making the actor very uncomfortable.

Henry Cavill has revealed that his eyes couldn't stop watering in agony, and it's very hard for him to open his eyes. At first, he thought it was due to his lack of sleep and tire, but the more stingy and painful his eye becomes, the more he recognized the problems. It's never easy to best portray your character, but Henry said that he has to "muscle through it". Luckily, no eye damages came to the actor yet.

Henry Cavill Amost Blind Eye Contacts The Witcher
The dust from volcanos on the Canary Islands almost make Henry Cavill blind

Hopefully, the director and producers will come up with a more detailed plan to protect their precious actor. Season 2 of The Witcher has only started, so Henry Cavill might have to cope with the contact problems for quite a while. Maybe changing the way Geralt's eyes in Season 2 is not a bad idea since it won't trigger fans' criticism that much, and will protect the eye of Cavill.

Henry Cavill Amost Blind Eye Contacts The Witcher
It's not easy to portray an unreal character!

The Witcher is now airing exclusively on Netflix. The series has seen mixed reviews, but Henry Cavill's actings are universally well-received by both fans and critics.