Henry Cavill, who would be taking on the role of “The Witcher” Geralt of Rivia in the upcoming Netflix adaptation, has shared some more information about both the game series and novels’ influence on the contents of the show.

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Cavill's Geralt on Roach

In an interview with a French magazine, it is said that Cavill discovered the games first, then the books. And because of that, he did not let the chance pass when Netflix announced their adaptation of Sapkowski’s novels. According to the Man of Steel Actor, he has been thinking a lot about how he would represent the character while playing the game.

Geralt, heavily drugged on potions

According to a statement from showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, the Netflix team has copied nothing from the games, as the adaptation is based on Sapkowski’s novels. The goal of the team is to recreate the soul of the books, along with its beloved characters. In the TV series, they would be placed in a new story structure that would stay faithful to the content of the books.

Cahir Milva And Vilgefortz Are Set To Appear In Th
Important characters from the book would also be added. From right to left: Cahir, Milva, and Vilgefortz

She also added that the drastic change in character designs is to differentiate the series from the games, as they do not want the show to look like them.

Andrew Laws, the Witcher show’s production designer, also mentioned that they will not be using much CGI in this series. While the Witcher might share some similarities in narration to Games of Thrones or Lord of the Rings, the show has its own unique style and worldbuilding elements. They will focus on using practical effects, even in the fight sequences.

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