Speaking of geisha, many believe that this job is just for poor girls who are looking for a chance to change their life. However, the assumption is not always exact. There are many girls from rich or reputable families to follow this kind of job, just for their passions. And Shingeki Noa, originally named Minori Honma, is such a geisha.

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Born in a rich family in which her father works as a music composer, Shingeki Noa had her happy childhood. When she was 15, she studied abroad in New Zealand and then returned her country to go to college. It worth mentioning that since her childhood, Noa has always admired beautiful and talented geisha girls and hoped to live a life like them.

That’s why she decided to quit college and started her career in the hosting world. She revealed that she wanted to try a gorgeous life and do whatever makes her happy. Since she became a geisha at 18, Noa has rapidly been recognized as the highest-earning hostess in Japan. Her income is estimated at 200M JPY (about Rs14 crore) a year, as similar to that of Emiri Aizawa who is also known as the most popular Japanese hostess. At present, Shingeki Noa is the most popular geisha in Osaka.

On social networks, she draws huge attention from the netizens due to her luxurious life with countless high-end products, supercars, and fancy tours. Becoming a geisha may help Noa experience a dreamlike life that makes millions of girls desirable.

Besides huge income, this geisha also makes a powerful impression when she managed to earn up to 10M JPY (about Rs69.6 lakh) within 5 days on her birthday. Her big guests generously held a luxurious party with very expensive champagne towers to steal the beauty’s heart.

Boxing legend Floyd used to visit Japan to meet her.

Her attractiveness is so big that even boxing legend Floyd Mayweather visited Japan to meet her. The geisha even attracts many female guests to her club thanks to her charm.

With up to 253k Instagram followers, Noa has become as popular as many beauties in the showbiz. That’s why she often becomes a guest in a variety of TV shows, events, and more. It is obvious that this geisha always knows how to develop her career.

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Champagne towers.


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Champagne towers on her birthday.

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