The Coronavirus outbreak is running rampant in India, which has caused the government to lock everyone inside their house for 21 days. However, there are still some people disregard the warning from the government, and still sneaked out of their house for a range of reasons.

That's completely unacceptable, and the Indian TV star Hina Khan has stood up to criticize those ones. At the same time, the first runner-up of Bigg Boss 11 also gives her fans some recommendation on their daily routines in their house, and what they can do to kill time faster.

Hina Khan Criticizes People Taking Coronavirus Lig
TV actress Hina Khan doesn't understand why they have to do so

Let's have a look at her words with Gurugamer down here. But first, let's see how Hina Khan feeling the pain when she had to complete the house chores that her mom asked her to below:

Hina Khan talks on people take Coronavirus lightly

In the middle of the Coronavirus outbreak, the famous TV actress Hina Khan has revealed how she was baffled at the people underestimating the importance of the Indian government's warning.

Hina Khan Criticizes People Taking Coronavirus Lig
Hina Khan is baffled at those people neglecting the lockdown

To be more specific, the actress has caught sight of a lot of people going out not alone but in packs in order to buy groceries. Even worse, she has found this scenario repeating every day, especially with the same people as well. The actress is very confused about why they can do that, since there's no lack of food and drink by now, let alone the government won't let it be true as well.

Hina Khan Criticizes People Taking Coronavirus Lig
She doesn't understand why they do so everyday

Evaluating these problems, Hina expressed that people should stop doing that. What they should do now is to follow the rules, stay inside their houses, and follow the precaution methods. The actress also gave some useful information that we don't need to wear masks and use sanitizers inside our house, and all we should do is to keep our house clean and tidy. That should be enough for our well-being in this unprecedented situation, and we don't need to get panic about it.

Hina Khan Criticizes People Taking Coronavirus Lig
We don't have to wear masks and sanitizers if we don't go out!

Hina Khan reveals what she often does when staying inside

On asked about which things one can do to avoid getting scared of staying at home, Hina Khan has given some recommendations on what she does at home. To be more specific, apart from helping her family - which you can see in the video above, she also uses her time to surf Youtube to learn many new things. They include drawing, reviews on products, or many more things via the Internet.

Hina Khan Criticizes People Taking Coronavirus Lig
The Internet is full of new things for us to learn

Once she's tired with all those work, Hina locks herself in her room, turns off every source of lights and then lights up her candles. This is the same thing that some luxurious restaurant in France has done, and the actress revealed that it's very amazing, which you should try for yourself at least once.

If she doesn't feel like doing any of the things above, Hina Khan will read, working out, playing games, and many more things. It's better to do those activities outside, but since we couldn't afford it, they still work magic inside our cozy home.

Hina Khan Criticizes People Taking Coronavirus Lig
Working out at home is not a bad choice

To end her interview, Hina revealed that she would love to travel to Goa if she can in the future. However, it will be current too risky for travel until people find out the vaccine for the virus. And until then, she will not let her mom out for at least one or one and a half years later. "My mom and I are asthmatics, and this [Coronavirus] hits the lungs" - Hina Khan afraid.

Hina Khan Criticizes People Taking Coronavirus Lig
Hina and her mom will not travel for a vacation in at least 1 year

On the working front, Hina Khan has recently taken part in her second Hindi film 'Hacked' - a psychological thriller movie directed by Vikram Bhatt. Her web series Damaged 2 will also be aired very soon, so keep an eye on that.