Magical photo editing apps are amongst the simplest and most helpful methods for those who desire to become more beautiful without plastic surgeries. However, such apps also lead to some funny incidents streamers, hot girls, and internet personalities experience on live streams. And that’s what Shi Ziyi - a popular hot girl from China - has faced in recent days.

Hot Girl
The netizens have got familiar with these images of the hot girl.

A few days ago, Shi Ziyi made her fans and netizens deeply shocked by her true appearance. She has now had about 13 lakh followers on Weibo. It’s not hard to realize that the 2000-born girl has a young and lovely appearance. That helps her account attract a lot of loyal fans on the Internet.

Like many other bloggers, the hot girl starts to join the live streaming market. She hopes that her fame could surge via live streams; however, a sudden incident completely ruined her efforts. To get more specific, she accidentally turned off the beauty filter on a recent live stream, making her true beauty revealed in front of thousands of netizens.

Hot Girl 3

Instead of her small V-line face and sparkling round eyes, Shi Ziyi looks much more common than on live streams. The hot girl, in fact, has a wide nose, tiny eyes, and thick lips. Many even think that if there wasn’t a typical mole on her face, they couldn’t recognize their idol.

Hot Girl Real Face
Shi Ziyi on the Internet vs in reality.

Although her fans love her content and interactions on the Internet, they have felt very disappointed at her true appearance. Many even frankly said that they felt cheated on by the hot girl.

Hot Girl Real Face 1
No need to reveal how shocked her fans felt.

In recent days, there have been a lot of personal identities whose real faces are reportedly completely different from their stunning images on the Internet. No one wants to be cheated on. Hopefully, other hot girls will learn from Shi Ziyi’s painful experience in the upcoming time.

Hot Girl 1

Hot Girl 2

Hot Girl 4

Hot Girl 5

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