While her previous ban has just ended not long before, on February 23, hot streamer Indiefoxx once again got a strike on Twitch. Many may remember that she was in a similar situation on January 28.

Indiefoxx Banned

Her first Twitch ban comes from a stream in which she appeared in a sexy swimsuit in a hot tub. Indiefoxx seemingly wanted to test nudity rules on the popular streaming platform. Speaking of her second ban, she continued to cause a stir on the Internet when writing her subscribers’ names on her body.

However, these two bans apparently aren’t enough for Indiefoxx to be more careful on her next streams. It doesn’t take her much time to get another ban. A few days ago, on February 23, after live streaming music, her channel once again was blocked.

Although her two previous bans just lasted two to three days, the netizens believe that the streaming platform may issue a stricter ban on her because she has violated Twitch’s Community Guidelines many times in a short time.

Additionally, Twitch also states that the company has recorded every violation that streamers have got. And they can face a permanent ban if they continue to break the rules many times.

She has got the third ban from Twitch.

Apart from a permanent ban on Twitch, other bans reportedly last from 24 hours to 30 days and tend to last longer depending on the seriousness of the case. However, Indiefoxx should pay more attention to her upcoming streams because her channel must get impacted considerably by these bans.

At the time of her latest ban, Indiefoxx has more than 320k followers on Twitch. Her new stream attracted about 4500 viewers - a potential figure, especially for a new streamer. She hasn’t given any response on her third ban. Twitch has also refused to comment on this issue in a bid to respect its users’ privacy.

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