Since some photos showed how to manufacture bra masks, lots of producers have planned to turn this idea into true and now, it’s time for bra masks to become a hot trend in the Japanese market.

Bra Masks
Here is one of the first images of the new-generation masks.

Along with the increasing demand for masks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Atsumi Fashion, an apparel company in Toyama, Japan has recently introduced a new collection of unique masks. Accordingly, the company takes advantage of the material which is used to make bras. These masks are even colorful and designed with lace in a bid to bring more attractiveness to wearers.

According to the Japanese Times, Atsumi Fashion came up with this idea one month ago. The company figured out synthetic fabrics that are used to make bras are similar to the fabrics that are used to produce masks in the current market. That’s why it has decided to exploit this kind of material to make its own mask products.

While almost all of the masks available in the market are white, Atsumi Fashion’s bra masks are designed with lots of various colors and depend on the source material. The manufacturer also revealed that it is planning to sell bra masks in all of the pastel colors, such as white, pink, blue, black, and even limon.

At first sight, the design of bra masks seems to have no differences with that of the 3M mask. For those unknown, the 3M mask first came out in 1961 and the most interesting thing is that it also derived from bras. However, the new-generation bra masks produced by Atsumi Fashion have obviously brought a breath of fresh air to wearers.

According to sales units, these bra masks were sold out only after one minute on sale on the online sales page of Atsumi Fashion. Each mask costs $14, about half the price of a bra sold in the Japanese market. Until now, the company hasn’t given any detail about its plan to bring these unique products to the international market in the near future.

Bra Masks Japan
It may be so exciting to wear this kind of mask!